Okay, Cleveland Show, you've redeemed yourself

Did anyone else happen to watch the episode last night?  So many times, when "diabetes" is the butt of the joke on TV, they do not specify what type they are talking about.  (I'm looking at you, "Parks and Rec".)  I was watching this show last night with my husband, and once again, you saw the morbidly obese character who is "diabetic", and obsessed with food.


This time, they actually specificed she was type 2!  They even had her wearing a CGM!  (The thing said it was a "blood glucose monitor", but it alarmed just like a CGM would, and had a trending screen).  It happened at the end of the episode, when the lady was on a stretcher.  She told her husband, "And they said I'm going to be just fine!" , to which the EMT responded, "I never said anything like that.  She's a type 2 diabetic with cholesterol that is so high, it cannot be measured by modern science."

A small victory for diabetic education.  It came a little late in the episode, but I'll still take it.

that show is pretty funny


I saw that and I was surprised but happy. My boyfriend was even like cool!!! He knows how mad I get about people not knowing the difference. I saw the Parks and Rec episode too and was kinda disappointed... oh well... good shows!