Okay - I know it's bad form

I apologize up front because I know it is generally not good form to vent and spout off when things are going well... but here it is anyhow:

I am fighting some form or manner of a bug (cold/etc) - and my blood sugars have been a challenge.  And I am testing more often and keeping things in range BUT -

between the pump, finger sticks and CGM - i'm full of more whistles, pops and clicks than you'd here in a week with a group of dolphins... and while I know I ought not be annoyed when things are going my way - i'm just annoyed with all the intrusion that moments like this present..

(yes - it'll pass)

Anyhow - anyone else get annoyed with this stuff even when it's going pretty well?



oh yes. i know how you feel. i tend to beep and most inopportune moments.