Old enough?

At what age did your child begin doing his or her own injections (meaning MDI, with a syringe)? Of course how old is old enough depends on the child – I’m just looking for a ballpark.

We use the EchoPen with Novolog refills for our MDI (red, allows 0.5 unit increments unlike the FlexPen). It is really easy to use for anyone. Our son was diagnosed 6 months ago and just last week starting asking to give his own injections at age 6. I was really surprised. He can now prepare the pen completely solo, then I tell him how much he needs for coverage and he dials the correct dose. I double check it and then he chooses the site (usually upper thigh) and I watch him pinch up the skin, inject, and we both count to 5. I, obviously, cannot let him do it all completely solo…supervision is a must at age 6…especially checking the correct amount, that he’s not injecting into muscle, etc. We are super proud of him for taking ownership. The Animas Vibe pump is on the way and now we’re torn!

My daughter started at 6.

Sure, with supervision.

Our granddaughter who lived with us [she is not T1D] began dialing up my pen and giving me injections when she was about age 5 or 6 and was always very accurate - she first started by doing my finger sticks.

We are gradually easing our 6 year old in. Right now she checks her own bg, checks ketones, and alerts us when she is low. There is no way I would let her make treatment decisions at this age and she really can’t go anywhere without us or a trained adult. But we are working towards it every day. Teaching to read labels, read and understand 3 digit numbers etc.

She is on a pump now and can read her alerts and could do the mechanics of her pen at 5. I think the methodical stuff like using the pen or prepping a new pump site are great but it’s the constant decision making that it might be too soon for with her.

This is super, thank you! Ours is 6, DX’d about 4 months ago, and she seems ready (does her fingersticks completely solo, draws the insulin – we always supervise & check, of course, but she’s got it down), and she did a practice injection into one of those practice pads the other day). We don’t have a pen, but she knows how to remove air bubbles and everything. All the literature seems to say 8, so I’m glad you don’t think we’re nuts for considering it now. It just seems like such a positive step, we don’t want to put it off unnecessarily. Thanks again!

It’s really amazing what they can do. I figure, if they want to be involved there is no reason to hold them back!