OMG! 40+ & unexpectedly pregnant

I'll try to keep this short.  T1 for 39 years - control usually very good.  A1C usually 6.1 or lower.  I am now 42 and also have hypertenion.  Just took the test and I am preganant.  Trying very hard NOT to TOTALLY FREAK OUT!  I have a soon to be 6 year old daughter who was 6 weeks early due to preeclampsia.  Thank God, besides a nightmare delivery with MAG, she and I are both perfectly fine.  She was breathing on her own and is a healthy normal kid!  :)

I am just a nervous wreck - my age, high BP, past pre eclampsia.  Just looking for advice, anyone with similar experience, help of any sort.  I am so afraid of something horrible happening to me or the baby.  I'm probably not even a month pregnant yet.  So it is going to be a long road!

Thanks and God Bless!



Hey Kmet13,

1) Congratulations 2) Take a deep breath. I know you are trying not to freak out at the moment. I know I have a history of hypertension. I worry all the time that at the end of my pregnancy I will be on bed rest or have preeclampsia. Thankfully so far my blood pressure has been great. I just try to aim for a lower sodium diet to keep the blood pressure down and no fluid retention. I say wait and see what your doctor has to say. You will be a rockstar! good luck!


Congratulations! *Happy* may not be the #1 emotion you feel right now, but you have a very special child in you who will one day be a huge blessing to your family!

Women over 40 give birth to healthy babies all the time, so don't let any doctors freak you out by trying to tell you that you're especially high-risk just because of your age.

KEY: To avoid pre-eclampsia, eat tons of protein- like at least 80-100 grams a day! Any foods with nutrition labels with say how much protein is in each serving. If you are a vegetarian, or especially a vegan, this will be harder, but still possible.

And of course, great job on keeping such amazing A1C levels- if you didn't need insulin injections/pump, you would not even be considered diabetic with a 6.1 and lower, so you're baby should have nothing to fear in that department!

Try to get around positive, encouraging, easy-going people to help calm your nerves and enjoy this pregnancy! Congrats again and good luck!

Thanks Keara and Katherine for your kind words and envouragement!  I am almost 7 weeks now - had my first OB appt and everything going well so far.  U/S next Tuesday.  I hadn't given much thought to dietary changes re: preeclampsia.  But I am willing to do whatever I can to avoid it this time!  Have either of you heard anything about low dose aspirin or calcium supplements to help avoid it?  

I couldn't tell if either of you are expecting right now, but if you are - best of luck and health to you also!

Thank you!!!!