OMG Friends!

Sometimes I feel so different  from my friends, like when I'm at parties and stuff when i have to check during the party and bolusing after I eat! I HATE it. I go to a pretty small school and only one other kid has diabetes in my school and he is in three of my classes. Everyone kinda knows me as the diabetes girl, and trust me it doesn't sound like a super hero name. I haven't really heard it to my face, but i know thats what they think. Thanks for reading this

Ah, Cassie-

I remember right when I was diagnosed I felt the same way. I let the restrictions of diabetes alienate me from my friends and I took them asking me to go to lunch to talk as an insult (because eating anything at that time was like dying). My suggestion to you is to talk to them about it. Teach your friends and people you know about diabetes. I mean, you are an expert now, you eat, breathe and sleep diabetes. That's what I did- now I'm super invovled in fundraising on cycling trips, support groups, kids camps, and I've even made it so I can remain in the Army with diabetes.

I know it's hard- and that everyone has those days that they just want to fit in. By no means, am I the exception to this rule, you just have to take it day by day. Struggle through it but remember you may have diabetes  but diabetes does NOT have you!


 I felt the same way when I was first diagnosed. I was diagnosed as a junior in high school. At the time I was diagnosed there was only one other girl in my school (7th - 12th grade...she was in 7th I believe) that had diabetes. I had no one to talk to about it and all of my friends were afraid to ask me to do things because they knew I'd be bringing along all of my supplies (I was on the insulin pen for awhile). Not only that but my parents were afraid to let me go anywhere for almost a year after I was diagnosed...I was unable to go anywhere or stay over night at any of my friends houses. Talk about a weird situation.

Having diabetes has changed my life in a positive way. I realize that its unfortunate that I am the one who has this disease but at the same time I know I can deal with it. Talk to your friends and let them know how you feel. They may just not understand what diabetes is and what you do daily to deal with it. Things do get better...hang in there!


i completely understand what you mean. sometimes it's like man, i ate the same thing as my friends for lunch but now my sugars high and i feel horrible. they don't go through that and sometimes it's hard to see that you are the only one. it would help alot if i was close to someone with diabetes but im not. i think the closest i am to a kid my age with diabetes is a boy who was a counselor with me at a diabetes summer camp and we text every now and then and also another girl who i haven't even met. i know of more in my school but they aren't extremely welcoming on the subject. lol

so i definitely know what you mean but just remember that you're tougher than all of your friends and hopefully one day when theres a cure you wont have to do that anymore. but until then you have to, so you can be healthy enough for when the cure comes :]

I have the same thing except that ive had diabetes for almost 10 years. People actually call me "diabetes girl" to my face it gets really annoying sometimes, but if you joke around with it and say "yup, thats my superhero name!" they prob wont bug you as much and then if they keep bugging you, you can tease them more by saying that it is an old joke!!

i have been in some situations just like that! when i moved to another school, i was the only one with diabetes and i felt so out of place! after i started making friends, i started teaching them about it and helping them understand it better!