OMG I am diabetic

  I was just lying in bed listening to my stomach growl. Being hungry use to be so simple. I just ate whatever I wanted. I can say for most of my life that was true, until. Until a year and a half ago. Up until a year and half ago the worse thing that ever happened me was smashing a big toe and that just broke my bone and never stayed in a hospital.

  Then after 52 years of normal(?) living, then boom. It's a short time back laying in a bed in ICU, tubes and wires hooked up to me. They told me I was a type 1 diabetic. I guess the 672 bs, DKA and a1c of 13.2 made it pretty clear. LOL Nice for my first time to stay overnight in a hospital.

  Now I don't eat without major thought processes. What am I going to eat?? How many carbs.?? What's my bs?? Do I need to correct?? High, low?? And of course the really fun part. I get to use my body as a friggen dartboard after I figure out much insulin to give myself. Oh, and going low I mean I don't think I ever had so much fun.

 Before being dx'ed I could count on fingers and toes the number of times I took aspirin. Now I got 2 kinds of insulin and all kinds of pills, mostly preventive but still pills.  And equipment, I got a few blood glucose meters, blood pressure auto-thingy,a home health thing to send the VA my numbers(they call real quick if send in a low) LOL, needles and test strips too name a few. For myself I even got a tattoo, another thing for the rest of my life.

  So, I was laying in bed listening to my stomach growl, thinking OMG I am a diabetic!!!!!

Thanks just needed to vent I guess.


we all vent on here at some point or another. and we've all had the "light bulb" moment. i don't really remember mine, but i know i've probably had it.



vent away :o)

LOL ! sorry but I was laughing pretty hard while reading this. I can just hear you reading it! (well, not you because I don't know what you sound like, but someone)

totally understand where you are coming from.  We are very active people (usually shopping, hey what woman doesn't) and we USE to just get up, get dressed and on our way. We didn't even eat breakfast because we would just grab something once we got out. BUT NOW, its get up in time to eat before leaving, make sure you have monitor, insulin, needles, lancets, glucose tab, etc etc..... and that is when it usually hits me that things have changed. What i think about the most is its still Winter and i see how diabetes has changed our lives and we aren't even that really active yet. Wait till the weather breaks and Shyla wants to go to the pool every day or wants to take those trips to the beach or on the boat that she is use to doing every summer. But i just tell myself we will just have to fit it into our lives. Of course there will be some changes, but i refuse to just stop life and what we are use to doing because of diabetes. If i did that then i would be letting this disease win and sorry, that is not an option.....

I will tell anyone, its good to VENT. We all need to just let it out. Holding it in does NO good. and to be honest since finding all of you on this site, i couldn't think of a better place to vent because i KNOW i'm going to get all the support i could ever need and know once i vent and you guys help me through it, I'll feel better in the end.....So hey, Venting my friend is good. :)

hi Keith,Do they tell everyone the same can have a normal life .........I remember one day soon after we got back from the hospital....d stuff,reading stuff all around the house.I couldn't think straight and felt so weighed down by it all.I remember one day I was looking for some d supplies and I just broke down and cried.I remember thinking ....Normal !!! What's normal about this !!!......Thank God things did calm down and got better. We live this normal now.I wish you the best .....

I conveniently was diagnosed during spring break (I didn't miss any school). My father wouldn't eat in front of me because he was worried that he could eat something I couldn't. Ridiculous stuff like that. I was more worried that I wouldn't be able to stay up late anymore. 

During college is when I realized I was truly unique: a T1 diabetic. I walked into my dorm room during the first day of orientation. My mother was explaining my syringes to my roommate that I had just met. How bizarre. I don't think that I knew how rare T1s were until it was another  5 years until I met another one.

For a while I thought of it like I was deaf. Deaf power! Diabetics of the world unite! Then I realized it is truly an individual disease. Although there are others who worry about you, it's all up to you.