OMG...that girl has a cathetar!

Ok, so I was chilling out, maxin, relaxin all cool(Fresh Prince of Bel Air, anyone) at the beach on vacation.  I had my pump on, with the site location just at the top of my right butt cheek ;).  It was covered with my bikini bottoms, or so I thought.  I was soaking up the sun, and decided to roll over onto my belly so I could tan my back side.  Well, apparently, my site area was revealed and you could see my tubing.  All of a sudden, I hear these airhead girls saying "Oh my God...can you believe that girl has a cathetar!?!  Does she just pee right here in front of everyone into it?!"  All I could do was laugh!  I discreetly covered my site and tucked the tubing back into my bikini bottoms and towel.  It seriously cracks me up when people think I have a bag or something that I "use the restroom" in.  It just makes me realize how STUPID some people are.  Ha!!!!