OMG-worthy Diabetes Facts :)

I was a bit disturbed when my Mom told me she had found this in a book titled 'The Green Pharmacy' by James A. Duke, Ph. D.: we've discussed the tasting of urine to determine diabetes on here before, but did anyone know that's basically what diabetes mellitus means?!

"Diabetes mellitus" is from Greek for "fountain" and Latin for "honey."

What OMG-worthy Diabetes Facts does everyone else have? :)

when i was in grade 10 i did my CAPP project on diabetes. the ancient egyptians would test someone for diabetes(tho it wasnt called that) by having the doctor's assistant drink the urine of someone they suspected to have the condition. if it was sweet, they were. if it wasn't, they werent.

Hey, free beverages! What a job perk lol

gross but urine is sterile...

Hey, I wonder if you can die from drinking that?

[quote user="Alyssa"]

Hey, I wonder if you can die from drinking that?



Actually, I've read that your own urine (not someone elses) "fresh from the fountain" is perfectly fine, and a good way to get fluids in an emergency (stuck out at sea with no fresh water, etc).  You can also use it to treat an ear infection.  Really.



You can filter urine, your own, to get potable drinking water but drinking straight urine is not a recommened choice.  Of course this is dependant upon who you are asking.  Urine contains a multitude of ingredients, toxic and non, that if consumed, essentially hinders the hydration process. 

This. Is. Disturbing.

that it is. and a very awkward conversation at that :)

Oh I know, right? But, haha, it's all in the name of learning

lol it is? its got a big gross out factor!

Oh, please. The best of science the best of the gross out factor :) Just kiddin'

penicillin and the wide variety of antibiotics came from moldy bread!  goooooood stuff

and think about is mold!!!

and blue cheese... Moldy Mold!!!