Omni Pod 5 question

My son recently moved to the Omnipod 5. During the waning weeks of summer, it worked great. Since school started, he is fluctuating between highs and lows, could be stress and new routines. He has been keeping it in the auto mode. My question is this. Does this mode ignore the basal settings and give hourly basal doses based on current readings? An example: He had a pretty big high and he self corrected it. It looks like the pump cut off insulin while he was in a decline. However, he immediately started back up. Another example: his dexcom came off during his sleep. He was fine when he went to bed, but woke up in high 300’s.
Just trying to figure this out.

Hi @mv1234 . I recently started using Omnipod myself so can’t speak with much authority on it. But here is info from the user manual (pg. 290) about delivery in auto mode:

How insulin is calculated and delivered during Automated Mode
The Omnipod 5 System uses your insulin delivery history to determine how much insulin your body needs. The calculated amount is known as the adaptive basal rate, which provides a baseline for automated delivery.

About Automated Mode 21
The System can automatically increase, decrease, or pause insulin delivery.
The System can pause automated insulin delivery at any time to protect against hypoglycemiaandwillalwayspausewhenyourglucoseisbelow60mg/dL. The System can increase insulin delivery by delivering a series of microboluses to respond to elevated glucose.

Sorry for the ultra long text string above - something happened when I copied it, and I’m on my cell phone so can’t split the words.

I was on T-Slim before and found that either pump can only so so much to adjust if I go high fast because I forget to bolus, greatly miscount my carbs, or whatever the case may be. So I have had a few highs on the Omnipod 5 that I had to manually correct for - I used the calculator to get the dose.

If the Dexcom comes off the system has no way of knowing his numbers, so can’t correct. I use a shield and a Simpatch to keep my sensor in place - here’s a picture. I find the patches are very durable and usually stay for the full 10 days. I place the patch over the shield, and the shield covers the sensor tape, so the patch never touches the Dexcom tape but holds the sensor in place. And of the patch does loosen it doesn’t disturb the sensor when I remove it. I hope that makes sense.