Omni pod location related to High BG

Hi my daughter (14 yr) was recently diagnosed (Jun '20) as T1. I think overall we are doing well. She has the Dexcom g6 & omnipod dash. Both have positive & negatives. My question is: does anyone have high blood sugar issues when they have the pod on their thigh? Both times we had an issue. I know that the placement is good, we just cannot get the levels down. We are trying to change the location to prevent scar tissue buildup. Does anyone have a suggestion?
Thank you. It is much appreciated.

here are the best spots for a injection, pump infusions set, or Pod.

good luck

infusion sites

FWIW, my daughter didn’t get good results there, either, so she stopped trying. She still injects there, if the pump’s off for whatever reason, but unfortunately it does limit the amount of real estate she rotates through on a regular basis.

I don’t want to discourage your efforts but I’ve been pumping for 25 years and took injections for 30+ before that. I primarily use my abdomen for my (TSLIM) infusion sets - rarely but occasionally other spots; for my Dexcom I alternate been abdomen, thigh and upper arm.
I’m not saying I don’t occasionally hit some scar tissue but hopefully your daughter has a long time to go before she needs to worry too much about that. As you can see from the diagram @joe provided there are lots of options she can choose from to find which work best.

Thank you for help. I have read a lot of your post that has a lot of helpful information. It is much appreciated.

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Thank you for letting me know that it isn’t just us. May I ask how old your daughter is? My husband and I are spending a lot of time navigating during the menstrual cycle. We did good this month keeping her #'s under 230, but now we are working on the following week. Her #'s seem to stay high and then week 3 they go down & we have to change her basal. It is like a vicious cycle. Was wondering if your daughter is at the same age that is dealing with the same issues? Thanks again for all of your help. It is definitely a frustrating time.

Thank you so much for your reply. Learning from experienced T1 is so helpful & I am very grateful that you are willing to help out. It’s been 7 months and just when you think you have it under control, you get thrown a curve ball. It’s so frustrating. May I ask what you do when you bolus for pasta or rice? We have noticed that if we bolus for all at meal time, she will go low. We see that her #'s go up at approx. 3 hours in(glad to have dexcom for that) So we bolus at 2 1/4- 2 1/2 hours later. Tried the extended bolus on omni pod once & not sure if we did right. It seemed that there was not enough insulin at digestion time. Any suggestions is much appreciated.

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Hi Jeannine @jfrancise , I have never used an OmniPod so I can’t offer first-hand thoughts on that, but I have used three MiniMed insulin pumps and one Tandem pumps.

Regarding the pasta meals your daughter will eat, I agree with you that the Extended Bolus is usually the best way to go. But when my glucose level is relatively low before I begin eating, even a well stretched out extended bolus will cause too much of a drop - similar to what your daughter experiences. On those days - for pasta or pizza - I give a very small bolus at the beginning of my meal, and then watch my CGM and when the “rise” is consistent, but before going up too fast, manually put in the balance of the meal insulin.

Another point, now that your daughter has been using insulin for 7 months, don’t be surprised if you find it necessary to make adjustments in her basal rates, and her insulin-to-carb ratios for meals. Seven decades of keeping myself active by injecting/infusing insulin have taught me that just about the only thing that remains constant in effective diabetes management is our ability to be able to change our therapy as our bodies change.