Omni Pod - My Endo says about 10% of pods don't work correctly

I just ordered the Omni Pod system (PDM and pods.)  My Endo says that about 1 out of every 10 pods doesn't work correctly.  Of course, the company says that # is too high and that they have very few issues. 

Has anyone experienced any issues with the pods - if so, how often? 

ANY experiences (good or bad) will be most appreciated!  Thanks, Kathy 

Hi kathy,

I have had my omni pod since aug. 2008; and I have not had any problems with it. I love it and the freedom that it gives me . :) :) Good luck  :)

well i have been on the pod for 2 months now which isn't long, but I have not had one fail on me yet. I love it also. I hope you have success with it. good luck



I have been on the Pods for a little over a year and a half and I have had pod problems and PDM problems.  The pod problems have been intermittent and while not 1 in 10 in the true sense of the word, I have easily had to return 10% of them over the time I have owned the system.  The static issues with the PDM were really bad with the unit I have and I was replacing pods (once the error hit, you lost a pod – no replacement) very frequently in the winter months.  So they are coming out with the new PDM’s next month and have added better software support and a fix to the static issue.


Every lost pod equals lost insulin and I guess you will see how big of an issue it is for you.  For me, if the new PDM’s hadn’t addressed the static issue and made the data integration with my CGM so much easier, I may have been starting conversations with a Ping rep by now…


Best of luck and keep up posted on how you do!






Thanks so much to all of you for the info you shared!  I'm really glad to hear of so much success!

I had not heard of any issues with the PDM - I am supposed to be getting the new model PDM as per the rep... 

I'm so excited!  I'm finally getting a pump after 30 years of shots and right now I'm taking 5 shots per day (150 shots per month!)

Going from 150 shots per month to 10 pods sounds so wonderful!  I can't wait!

Thanks again!  Kathy


I hear you loud and clear on the no-more-shots front... 

I remember waking up the day after I went on the pump.  At that point, it was nearly 25 years of waking up and going to give my first (and post Lantus, two) shot(s) of the day. 

I woke up and sat on the edge of the bed and my wife looked at me and asked "What are you doing?" 

I paused, took a deep breath, looked around and said "Ya' know?  I think nothing."  It was a really, really cool moment... 

I was usually 6-10 shots a day (though for fewer years than you) so - yeah - good luck and I can't wait to hear about your first few days and your results!!!



We've been on the Pod for about 2 months now. Be careful at first because it is tricky while you get used to it and you will think Pods are failing when really it's user error. In the past 4 weeks, we haven't had a single one fail and they are all lasting the full 3 days. We had a really hard time keeping them on at first, now we use Skin Tac and that stuff is awesome!! My son is doing really well on the pod and we are experiencing amazing control!

My daughter is on the Omnipod and we love it.  She has been on it for a year.  We have had problems with it but if you prepare yourself for them you should be fine.  Like any other electronic equipment, they have problems.  If you are going to be out for the whole day carry a pod and insulin with you just in case.  Always have extra batteries in the Omnipod case.  It takes 5 minutes to change the pod.  I have done it at the beach for my daughter. 

We have not had problems with the Omnipod for the past 4 months.  I did have problems with the PDM and they sent me a new one the very next morning.  The customer service has been great. 

Good Luck!!



I just have to say – I started using the Omni-Pod about 1 month ago and I am loving it more than I thought I ever could!


I feel like I have been let out of PRISON!  From 5-7 shots a day to this – one little insertion every 3 days – being able to eat and push a button to take care of it – having the PDM that remembers your last bolus and the amount you gave yourself along with all of your history – no tubing to get tangled.  I just can’t explain how excited and happy I am with this!  I am luvin, luvin, luvin it!!!


I have had one pod fail, but the PDM detected it and instructed me to switch to a new customer service guy said that some may say that you can’t take the remaining insulin out of the pod and put it into a new one, but if there is a lot in there, he said he sees so problem with it.  The customer service has been great – much better since our local rep is new.  He stayed in constant contact with me during my first few days with recommendations and advice plus reviewing my sugars, carb intake, and bolus quantities.


 This pump is FANTASTIC!


I do have trouble if I do a lot of swimming – the adhesive comes loose much quicker.  They have adhesive tape in the pharmacy department at Wal-Mart that works well.


To me the few problems have been very minor compared to the benefits.  



I also read your post further down, in which you raved about your time on the OmniPod.  I just switched to the OmniPod myself, and I LOVE IT!

With regard to the 1-in-10 failure statistic, I think we should all ask our endos and pump reps where they pull these statistics from.  If the statistic were true, they should be able to tell us from where they pulled it and be impressed that we want to read up on the data.  Unfortunately, I am more and more convinced that pump reps are feeding bad data on their competitors' pumps to endos, and the endos are uncritically regurgitating these "statistics" to their patients.

Here's my real life example.  My Medtronic rep was horrified that I was considering switching to the OmniPod.  She told me quite matter-of-factly that OmniPods have a 23% failure rate.  I asked how she knew this, yet she had no answer.  Since I would rightfully be alarmed if this statistic were true, I asked her boss at Medtronic from where she pulled this data.  Again, no real answer other than "field experience," "interaction with endos," and finally, data from an analyst's report that supposedly said that Insulet sells 12 pods/patient/month (which, if you run the math, is absolutely nonsensical and cannot support a 23% failure rate). 

I am gravely concerned about how many patients accepted such sales rep nonsense at face value, and how many endos have done the same and parrotted this nonsense to their patients.  Heck, the same Medtronic rep also told me that I could  ignore the FDA's approval for 3 days for a Medtronic CGM sensor and wear it for 7 days, just like a Dexcom.

I am gravely concerned that this sales rep could so gleefully dispense lies, flagrantly ignore FDA approval guidelines, and show such disrespect for patients -- just for the sake of generating a sale.  That's why we have to question everything, unfortunately.