Omni Pod

I know I found somewere that the OmniPod pump  is going smaller but i cant find it any more!!! If you've heard about it, please tell me were 2 find it!!!

When I was at my endocrinologist back in September, the nurse told me that the omnipod, starting in 2010, was going to be about half as big as it is now.  I also spoke with an omnipod representative that confirmed this.


I'm sorry, but I don't have a link for you.

I was told the same thing by a representative during Diabetes Camp for my son in late July. He said it would be out in late 2010, but I also do not have a link.

I saw a pictue of it last night tried to find it again, but can't. The only difference I think is it doesnt stand out as far on your skin as the one does now. So, it wouldn't stick out as far, wouldn't be able see it on your shirt as much.

i went to camp and the rep said that it will come out in 2010 so just a few more months and i will b forty precent smaller!!

Thank you sooo much everybody! For that! I didn't know were to find that and I was dieing to figure it out! Thanks again!