Omni pods and Humana

Marilyn, not sure how to get it on the National News, but here is an interesting up date. I filed a complaint with the Medicare Integrity Dev, regional for us is in San Fran. There is now a formal complaint and a Federal investigation into Humana’s practices regarding the cost. Also David (investigator in SF) wanted to know if I have any pods, told him no, Feds aren’t happy. #2 Since I have stock in Insulet Corp, there is a possibility that what Mr. Azar did, goes against SEC(security exchange com) rules. my stock broker is checking it out. Humana could be in trouble for this by limiting the sale of the product… Also filed a complaint with the AZ. Atty General against Humana for limiting our suppliers… Humana is skirting the question when I ask them to tell me exactly what my price is , they are making excuses, tried to pin them own today and they won’t give me an answer. By Friday I expect they will know they are being investigated. With all that I have stirred up something should happen, even if it is just an explanation. That’s all the trouble I’ve gotten in today and yesterday, what fun. Bye Jan