Omnipod 5 alarm

My son just started using the Omnipod 5 and every hour I get the following alarm on his PDM:

Automated Delivery Restriction. Switched to Automated Mode Limited. Insulin delivery has either been paused too long or at maximum delivery too long.

When I call Omnipod they say it’s because the pod has been trying to correct a high and the maximum delivery has been reached. But that can’t be accurate since he’d been in range all day. I know it’s not a connection issue because the PDM is getting glucose readings every 5 minutes.

Has anyone else received this alert? And what did you do to fix it? Thanks!!


Page 304 of the Omnipod 5 manual:

21.5. About Automated Mode: Limited
Warning: ALWAYS be aware of your current CGM value, trust how your body
feels, and do not ignore symptoms of high and low glucose. Even though insulin
delivery adjusts automatically in Automated Mode with the goal of bringing
your glucose level to your defined Target Glucose, severe hypoglycemia or
hyperglycemia may still occur.
If your CGM values do not match your symptoms, ALWAYS check your blood
glucose using a BG meter, consider treatment and/or CGM sensor calibration
if necessary. ALWAYS switch to Manual Mode if you feel you are receiving
inaccurate CGM values.
• Erroneously high CGM values can cause excessive insulin delivery, leading
to severe hypoglycemia, seizure, loss of consciousness or death.
• Erroneously low CGM values can cause prolonged insulin suspension
leading to hyperglycemia, DKA, or death.
If you are having symptoms that are not consistent with your blood glucose
readings and you have followed all instructions described in this User Guide,
contact your healthcare provider.
At times, your Pod and CGM may lose communication while you are in
Automated Mode. There are several reasons this could happen, including the
Pod and CGM not being within line of sight on your body, temporary loss of
communication due to environmental interference, sensor warm-up, or required
calibration. When this occurs, SmartAdjust technology can no longer fully adjust
your automated insulin delivery because the Pod is not receiving updated glucose
information from the CGM. After 20 minutes of the Pod not receiving CGM
values, the Omnipod 5 App displays ‘Limited’ on the Home screen.
The System also enters Limited state after receiving the Automated Delivery
Restriction Advisory alarm. For more information , see " Automated Delivery
Restriction" on page 306.
When the System enters Limited state, SmartAdjust technology never gives more
than the Basal Program that would be active during Manual Mode. After an hour
of missed CGM values, the Missing CGM Values advisory alarm is presented
and you receive a steady rate of insulin that will not vary until CGM connection is
You may also choose to switch to Manual Mode to start your Basal Program. See
“22.2. Switching from Automated Mode to Manual Mode” on page 300.
Check your Dexcom G6 app to see if there are any CGM actions you need to take
to re-establish communication. See your Dexcom G6 CGM System User Guide.
21 About Automated Mode
Note: Automated Mode: Limited state can occur due to a loss of communication
between the CGM and Pod. It is possible that your Dexcom G6 app is still
receiving CGM values. Open your Dexcom G6 app to check.

*** LOSS of communication is very common, distance between the CGM and the pod controller or app

*** A VERY common automation fail safe technique is if the CGM reading is not changing (input has not changes in x amount of time) to require manual input of a verification or calibration step. I acutally use this in automation sometimes.

A call to tech support to answer questions may be helpful.

Good Luck!

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My trainer was very helpful with issues when I initially started on Omnipod 5 - yours may be willing to do a deeper dive than tech support did.

@nberdjis Hello Noushin, and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum! I do not use the OmniPod so I can only offer an alternative thought.

You say your son has been in-range all day, so consider the alert telling you his insulin has been Suspended / Paused for a long time. Maybe what you could do is have him eat a bit more to push up his BGL and allow his auto mode to restart basal insulin infusion. I have noticed on my t-Slim with auto mode function that my basal can sometimes be suspended for three hours especially on days I have been in-range and had lots of exercise activity. I like food, so I take this opportunity to have another snack - without taking a food bolus.

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Thanks! That’s a good tip

Thanks! I’m still trying to set up the training, but I’m sure it will be really helpful.

I hope so. You said you are setting up training - have you not had a training session? I think it was an option but I’m glad I did have personal training even with the online sessions - it answered a lot of questions.

Yeah, I definitely want to do the personal training. I remember it being super helpful with the Omnipod dash. They must be busy because I requested an individual training over a week ago and still haven’t heard back.

I guess they’re s little slow with the holidays. When I reached out to schedule mine it did not take long for them to get back to me, but it was a couple of weeks before I met with a trainer. Hopefully this won’t take too long.