Omnipod 5 - Caution

Beware signing up for the Omnipod 5. My nightmare began with being sent 2 different controllers with ‘memory corruption’ error that had to be replaced. After receiving a starter kit of pods I was told it will be 3.5 weeks before I can receive a training with a Omnipod trainer. I was told to watch the videos which I find confusing. Insulets response was that I must wait for the training in 3.5 weeks. To make matters worse I was sent a 30 day supply of Omni 5 pods from my insurance and was running out of Dash pods. The trainer dropped off 5 pods at my doctors office, I asked for 7 in case 1 breaks, which I had to then go pick up. So rather then spend the time training me on Omni 5 they took the time to personally drop the pods off at my doctors office. The worst of it all was when I asked , “What do you suggest should I do if I run out of pods?” I was told by the Omnipod trainer, “If you run out before the 8th, you’ll have to go back to injections until we meet.” Insulet created the situation of running out of pods and to suggest to, “go back to injections until we meet” is callus at best and shows a complete lack of respect for my health at worst. I spent 5.5 hours on the phone with Insulet yesterday trying to get my questions answered. I have filed a complaint to the BBB and FDA. I have been promised that someone from Insulet will contact me, no one has. Insulet is woefully unprepared for the roll out of the Omipod 5. They are completely incompetent.

I had the same issue when I decided to try the “Free trial” of Omnipod 4. These were not new; this was Dec. 2021. Still, they could not schedule me with a trainer right away and told me my trainer would call me when she could schedule me. I found this odd, as with the other two brands of pumps I have used, training was scheduled within a week of my receiving my supplies. The trainer did not call for over a month. In fact, I contacted the person who signed me up to ask what was happening. He said he would have her contact me right away. She still did not. So, then I called Insulet directly. This time, I did receive a call, but all she told me was that she had been very busy and would call once she had time in her schedule for me. Very rude and very unprofessional.
Thankfully, I was finally scheduled and trained. I was worried about dealing with Insulet after that, but everything seemed to go well. So, my thinking is, the company needs to hire more trainers, so that people don’t have to keep waiting to get started on the Omnipod.
For me, Omnipod was not a good fit. I break out from the adhesive they use worse than I do from the infusion sets on my other pump. So, I have stopped using the Omnipod, and do not have any plans of using it again. But, if it works for you, keep using it.

Pam K.
T1D 57.10 years and counting!