OmniPod 5 "FDA-Cleared"

There’s no commitment with Omnipod you should be able to try it sooner if you wish. I imagine your insurance would cover pod supplies for the month (or whatever) in lieu of your current infusion sets; Dexcom would stay the same. But November is right around the corner - can you believe it???
I went online and filled out their form indicating interest and they ran my insurance - that’s something you can begin now regardless of when you decide to start using it. I had just started a new plan and had to meet my deductible so I paid about $350 which included the PDM and 10 pods - your cost may vary. I could have gotten more pods (for an additional fee I believe) but decided to start with 10 just in case it didn’t work out.
I’m in DC so can’t connect, and I’m sure you would want to connect with someone closer to your own age. Check out the Resources tab - they may have some local resources for you.

I’m really lucky I have a great insurance so with Tandem and Dexcom I didn’t pay anything so I’m thinking that Omni Pod I’ll just have to pay may be a copayment of five dollars for month supply OK no problem buddy but if you ever wanna drop me a line feel free

I haven’t had anything to report for a while but now I’m back.
My dog woke me up this morning about 2:00. She usually sleeps through the night but her claws kept clicking on the floor and she didn’t want to get in bed with me. I finally thought she needed to go out, but she went in the other room. A few minutes after I got back in bed I got an alert - my glucose was 57⬇️! I grabbed a snack off the nightstand (when I’m that low I snack before I do a fingerstick). The reason I’m writing this is, I had no prior notifications! My numbers showed a nice smooth drop over the last 3 hours (I’m writing this about an hour afterwards ), but I should have gotten something besides that one alert. I can’t blame it on a compression low as my pod is on my stomach and I was sleeping on my back.
Looks like I’m going to be on the phone with Tandem and Omnipod later today to find out why I went so low and only got an alert at 57!

Hi friends and happy Thanksgiving! I was sleeping comfortably when my hubby woke me up to let me know one of my pods was sounding off. I have him the controller expecting it to turn it off but - not. He brought them back upstairs and I took a few minutes to find a pushoin which I inserted according to instructions I had seen in A YouTube video - and thankfully, they worked.
I’ve only had 3 screaming pods, the first of which started demanding attention after hours. My coworkers got to the office before me and it didn’t take long to find the source - in the trash can. They took it out to the dumpster and I was truly afraid someone might hear it and call the big squad. Took my controller out to the dumpster with me and thankfully it silenced it - no need to go dumpster diving! Since then I have always brought my pods home to discard.
After this most recent one I did wonder if you can’t simply drown the thing🤔 - has anybody tried? I get the need for alerts - I really do - but once you’ve removed it, what’s the point?

Hi Dorie. Well they are fairly waterproof so I would not expect attempting to drown one would be easier than just pushing the secret button on the pod. I heard some poders talk about breaking them open to get the battery (for battery recycling) but taking one apart doesn’t sound easy either. After taking apart a Dexcom applicator I can tell you first hand that molded plastic is tough. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Thanks. I looked up how to open a pod - which I had read some people did to make sure they withdrew every drop of insulin (disclaimer - using insulin that has been in a pod for a few days is not recommended) - but it involves the use of a dremel tool which did not sound appealing to me. Their waterproof nature dies make sense - but I did wonder if it might be compromised when it’s no longer on your body. I read about someone who put a screaming pod in water and froze it - said it was very satisfying, but since I have found the “sweet spot” I’ll probably just stick with using a paperclip or pushpin as I did this time. Have a great holiday @joe !

For me, easiest thing if I don’t have a paper clip is to bury it in a the freezer. It stops it in about 12 hours but you can’t hear the beeping if it’s deep in there. An Omni rep told me years ago to do that and it’s my go to! I didn’t even realize you could reset a pod with a paper clip so that’s cool- I’ve only done the paper clip on my PDM when it errors

PS - A pushpin works too.

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