Omnipod 5

Looking for feedback on the Omnipod 5 system. Currently on shots. Doc wants me on a pump.
Was being treated for Type 2 but found out about 6 months, I am now Type 1 or some call it 1.5 LADA.

I think I would prefer tubeless but I have read much on some of the pod failures on the Omnipod Dash. Since the 5 is new, just looking to see if anyone has had issues with it.

Thank you for all the comments on this message board. This is my first post but I have read many of the strings. It has been helpful.


Welcome @danaestes to the club no one wants to be in! So pumps are just fancy syringes and you can make any of them (any kind, any manufacturer) work. I looked at Dash, the earlier versions, and I can’t see any differences other than the 5 doesn’t need a dedicated PDM and the 5 integrates with Dexcom. I would not expect new “failure” statistics, for example more or less pod failures or unique to Omnipod 5 type failures because I don’t think the throwaway parts are substantially different. It’s too soon anyway. I think it’s more important to just pick a pump and set your mind to learning it and giving it a year. That’s the best way I can think of. I am a long time pumper but I was on shots for 27 years. Anyway I might give the 5 a go too! My insurance would treat pods as pharmacy instead of dme making the choice “a non commitment”. For me, a dme pump (Tslim or Medtronic), would be a 3-4 year promise.

Welcome to the forum and good luck :four_leaf_clover: with your omnipod!

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I use TSLIM so can’t answer your question but just wanted to say I believe you can try a non-working pod sample to get the feel of it. There’s nothing to infuse - it just sticks on - but it will give you a chance to test the adhesive, and see what you think about the size.
I hope you get some responses! My Tandem warranty is up soon and I may need to switch to Omnipod for budget reasons so I’m interested in feedback even though it’s only been out for a few months.
PS - Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner is an excellent resource. The author has Type1 and is Certified diabetes specialist so he has a unique perspective. And I found it to be a fun read!

I have used Medtronic for 30+ years. They are not perfect but the Pod system seems like it would have many more “trouble” possibilities. There is a YouTube guy in the UK that loves his but for my 30+ years I have never pulled on a tube enough to rip an infusion, never had a kink, never had any issue with the tube. Medtronic this summer is about to release a new software that will better control highs and lows. They only control lows now. I would seriously consider all the brands. Locking yourself into just one because of X reason usually comes with somethin you wont like for another reason. Research them all completely before you make a decesion and also ask you doctor what his patients say the good and bad of all of them are.

Thank you Joe. Yes, the Omnipod is also covered under my pharmacy benefit. I think the Dexcom; however, is not so researching cost on that. I like the closed loop system.

I see both pros and cons on the different types. I guess I will have to weigh it all if I decide to go with a pump at all. The shots aren’t bad. Been on them about a year but I have a lot of ups and downs in my levels.

Appreciate your input.

Thank you. I may do that. If I decide to go with the Omnipod 5, I will give updates on this forum.

Thank you for your advice. My doc likes the Tslim . Thanks for sharing your experience with Medtronic.

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I think you will find your levels become much more stable on a pump. I have weeks where I am 94% in range. And the times I am low are sometimes only a few minutes per day if that. Highs are dependent on so many other things so a bit harder to totally avoid.

Dexcom I think can be $300-$500 a month in supplies without insurance, but they may have a coupon to get it cheaper on their site if you don’t have insurance that covers it.

I was using Omnipod Dash before switching to the Omnipod 5. I had high hopes but I hate it so far.

I started it 7/1 around 2pm my time. I had copied all my settings from the Dash to the 5 but my post- lunch sugars were sky high and took hours to come down. Worse, I had an urgent low in the middle of the night, both my husband & I slept through the alarms.

I stopped using automated mode since then because when I looked at the dosing history, it showed that it was giving me boluses during the night even though my sugars were in the 70s-80s. I only woke up from the low because I was drenched in sweat.

My settings are set to correct when my sugar is >120 yet it was giving me boluses when my sugar was below that. So it was giving me unnecessary doses when sugars were good and nowhere near enough when it was high.

I have been in manual mode ever since because I just don’t trust this thing. I plan to request a switch to the Tandem Mobi when it comes out. It only has a 4" tubing which I can live with.

I hope your experience is better than mine. I’m still shaken up thinking what might’ve happened had I not woke up from the low.

Hi @Sugarbeans . I’m sorry to hear about your issues with the Dash. Thankfully you’re able to run in manual mode and know how to manage that way - I believe is critical to know how to do things on your own in case the technology fails.
It stands to reason that copying your settings should work, but it might be worthwhile asking your trainer to take a look. Several months ago I was having some concerns about my CIQ (long story, and I use Tandem)) and contacted my trainer. She gave me some information about how the system works that I didn’t think was covered in my initial training, and made some adjustments accordingly - we tweaked those a tiny bit any they worked beautifully. You shouldn’t have to do this but it might be worth a shot.

You mentioned Tandem Mobi - I haven’t been keeping up with developments so wasn’t even aware something like that was in the works! I googled it and found it’s awaiting approval but didn’t see any dates as to when is scheduled to launch. Have you heard anything?
All the best to you!

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The Tandem Mobi is supposed to be released this year but I couldn’t find a date. It’s probably going to be like the Omnipod 5 release where we were all wondering when it would finally be out.

Re: my trainer, I sent her an email but she’s on vacation until 7/11 so I’ll have to wait to see what she says.

Thanks for the insight on this. I’m in talks with my diabetes educator and pump supplier about going on this but am hesitating a bit. My educator is also a T1 which is extremely helpful and she’s on the 5. She said she’s not loving it so far and said that for the first few months you’re going to run high in automode as the pumps algorithm I guess is supposed to get used to your body and how you personally respond. She said it’s getting better but it’s tough and they recommend you stay in auto mode so it gets used to you but you can jump out of it. Anyone else have a similar experience to this? I personally love omnipod because I’ve loved not having tubes, but I was really hoping that the 5 would be amazing and I’m hearing only meh reviews.

Yikes - run high for months while it learns? I hope she meant “weeks” - that would be more palatable.
I wonder if your DNE would join the forum and provide her personal insights as a user (of course h/she would be anonymous and no one would be to know their profession).
I’m planning on trying the 5 soon. I’m getting the one month starter kit. Depending on how it goes I might extend it an additional month before I decide - we shall see how it stacks up over time. People either love it or are disappointed in it - I guess I’ll find out which in the coming weeks. Thankfully you’re not tied into a contract.

Certainly could ask! Yeah she said it gets better every month but it takes time for it especially for those of us who like tighter control (I’m assuming she meant just lower a1cs). I just had my quarterly endo appt and she agreed on the feedback from what she and her peers have been hearing. She said for me personally it might be hard because I’m a bit nutty about highs and would have to be okay going up in a1c for a bit as I would run high for a little while (like 150s-180s) I’m personally struggling because I’m about to turn 30 and am thinking of starting a family within the next few years. If I do that, right now my A1C is really good for pregnancy (high 5s) and part of me wants to just keep it here since I know if I go higher, it may be a challenge to get it where I want it before I start trying to get pregnant. But also a few years is a long time to wait so who knows I might just try it! I’ve heard overnight sugars are amazing for people on it which sounds awesome!

I was wondering exactly what was meant by “running high.” I’m okay with 180 myself so that’s good to know. All the best to you as you plan your pregnancy!

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I’m so glad you got properly diagnosed!! I have LADA and am waiting on endo to confirm. Primary care dr is nice but Franky she’s not listening as I patently explain to her the subtle difference between TD2 and LADA and why it’s definitely LADA. I’m so glad you got properly diagnosed!! There’s hope for me!!

@ Sugarbeans Wow!! I’m sorry to see that!! That is scary. If an “auto” system doesn’t work, not good!!

Hi @Tee25 . I have my training scheduled. I did the online training, read the manual, and wrote up some questions I sent to my trainer in advance. I like my Tandem but am excited to see how this one does. I see my endo end of the month and am getting my A1c and other labs first since I’ve read numerous accounts of people running high to start.
I’ll keep you posted but I don’t start until next week. If you decide to give it a try I hope you’ll share your findings - PM might be better but I’m open.

Ooh! Exciting yes keep me posted. Feel free either way. I think after my next endo visit I’m going to give it a shot. I’m more interested in the overnight blood sugars having some help. Been going through a lot of trial and error with boluses there!