Omnipod 5

Looking for feedback on the Omnipod 5 system. Currently on shots. Doc wants me on a pump.
Was being treated for Type 2 but found out about 6 months, I am now Type 1 or some call it 1.5 LADA.

I think I would prefer tubeless but I have read much on some of the pod failures on the Omnipod Dash. Since the 5 is new, just looking to see if anyone has had issues with it.

Thank you for all the comments on this message board. This is my first post but I have read many of the strings. It has been helpful.

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Welcome @danaestes to the club no one wants to be in! So pumps are just fancy syringes and you can make any of them (any kind, any manufacturer) work. I looked at Dash, the earlier versions, and I can’t see any differences other than the 5 doesn’t need a dedicated PDM and the 5 integrates with Dexcom. I would not expect new “failure” statistics, for example more or less pod failures or unique to Omnipod 5 type failures because I don’t think the throwaway parts are substantially different. It’s too soon anyway. I think it’s more important to just pick a pump and set your mind to learning it and giving it a year. That’s the best way I can think of. I am a long time pumper but I was on shots for 27 years. Anyway I might give the 5 a go too! My insurance would treat pods as pharmacy instead of dme making the choice “a non commitment”. For me, a dme pump (Tslim or Medtronic), would be a 3-4 year promise.

Welcome to the forum and good luck :four_leaf_clover: with your omnipod!

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I use TSLIM so can’t answer your question but just wanted to say I believe you can try a non-working pod sample to get the feel of it. There’s nothing to infuse - it just sticks on - but it will give you a chance to test the adhesive, and see what you think about the size.
I hope you get some responses! My Tandem warranty is up soon and I may need to switch to Omnipod for budget reasons so I’m interested in feedback even though it’s only been out for a few months.
PS - Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner is an excellent resource. The author has Type1 and is Certified diabetes specialist so he has a unique perspective. And I found it to be a fun read!

I have used Medtronic for 30+ years. They are not perfect but the Pod system seems like it would have many more “trouble” possibilities. There is a YouTube guy in the UK that loves his but for my 30+ years I have never pulled on a tube enough to rip an infusion, never had a kink, never had any issue with the tube. Medtronic this summer is about to release a new software that will better control highs and lows. They only control lows now. I would seriously consider all the brands. Locking yourself into just one because of X reason usually comes with somethin you wont like for another reason. Research them all completely before you make a decesion and also ask you doctor what his patients say the good and bad of all of them are.

Thank you Joe. Yes, the Omnipod is also covered under my pharmacy benefit. I think the Dexcom; however, is not so researching cost on that. I like the closed loop system.

I see both pros and cons on the different types. I guess I will have to weigh it all if I decide to go with a pump at all. The shots aren’t bad. Been on them about a year but I have a lot of ups and downs in my levels.

Appreciate your input.

Thank you. I may do that. If I decide to go with the Omnipod 5, I will give updates on this forum.

Thank you for your advice. My doc likes the Tslim . Thanks for sharing your experience with Medtronic.

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I think you will find your levels become much more stable on a pump. I have weeks where I am 94% in range. And the times I am low are sometimes only a few minutes per day if that. Highs are dependent on so many other things so a bit harder to totally avoid.

Dexcom I think can be $300-$500 a month in supplies without insurance, but they may have a coupon to get it cheaper on their site if you don’t have insurance that covers it.