Omnipod 5

The slow response time has been annoying for me with tandems control iq. Sometimes (especially at school) I opt to correct instead of waiting for the pump to take over because I know that by the time the insulin starts working I’ll be in the 200’s (teenage/growth hormones/mistakes in cookie carb counting have simply lovely effects on blood sugar levels). My tandem pump warranty doesn’t expire for another 2.5 years but I’m thinking the omnipod might be a good option after that.
I’ve been noticing the high/low hangover more recently but it didn’t occur to me that my pump could be playing a role…. I wonder if other people have experienced that. Feeling high 30+ minutes after I’ve dropped back into range drains my energy and enthusiasm (which isn’t usually lacking)

Ps- like your screen name too! It’s easy to remember and recognize, a definite plus on forums like this!
I took my name from 2 Corinthians 10:8-9. Paul’s thorn that was hurting him reminded me of T1D.

I’m not sure if I mentioned the elsewhere, but early this week I had an issue with my PDM​:scream::flushed::face_with_raised_eyebrow:…! A couple of times when I turned it on the screen remained black for several seconds, then went back to normal. That was odd and a bit concerning, but I had no further issues. But that morning when I turned it on there was a “ticker” running across the bottom of the screen and it said “loading.” That too was concerning but I figured it was doing an update - until it stopped and have me a message to call tech support. I cake right away and my call was answered in no time. They connected me with a PDM specialist - that took a couple of minutes but she walked me through some things. I was wearing my Dexcom on my right arm and my pod on my left, and the “line of sight” may have been disturbed - I don’t know if that was the issue but she walked me through some steps and it’s worked fine ever since. I had been toying with the idea of getting a backup pdm just in case, and when I mentioned it to her she said she could send me one. It’s $150 (since it’s a backup, t warranty replacement) and they will bill me later - I didn’t have to pull out my credit card to order it).
The PDM specialist told me I can wear the pod and my Dexcom on the same arm! There is guidance in the manual about how far apart to space then, but it is an option.

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@6yGodsGr thanks for sharing the inspiration for your screen name! A little OT, but I do appreciate the reference. Later!

Yesterday afternoon it was time for a sensor change. with CIQ I was often in the low 200s when the sensor finishes warming up. Yesterday I was in the -130s!
That said, an hour or so later I started climbing for reasons I couldn’t figure out. I was hungry and was planning to have dinner when my numbers came back so I bolused using the sensor value (136⬆️) but still hit the mid 200s before leveling out. It might have helped to wait longer to eat, since I was rising. In any event, in this case I was in the low/mid 200s for a couple of hours. Omnipod is great but we will always have some mysteries.

Also, be sure to plug in the Omnipod PDM frequently. It might go a couple of days before the battery runs out - I haven’t actually timed it - but it seems to need a frequent charge.

Interesting info: the pod makes a clicking sound as its being set up, and as it’s delivering. It’s not very loud and sounds like someone tapping on a table. I didn’t recall it from training or the manual - which is not to say it wasn’t there. Just mentioning it so you won’t be surprised.

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Thank you so much for the updates on your journey with it so far. I’m finding this all really helpful! A lot of it sounds similar to the old school omnipod but for me there would be differences as I’ve never even upgraded to dash. So mine just runs on triple aaa batteries! It sounds like it’s keeping you closer to target which is good! How often would you say you’re in the 200s if you don’t mind me asking?

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been in range 80% of the time according to my Glooko graph. I’ve been above take about 15 % of the time but my upper range is 180 so how much above that is in the 200s I don’t know - at least from the graph.
In the past I have not made it a habit to bolus in before eating, unless I’m on the high side. With Omnipod it is recommended that you do - something you may already be familiar with. I’m just now incorporating the practice, so I’m hoping that will help with my post-prandial rises.
Thankfully they do come down nicely, and faster than with Tandem, but not precipitously so, if that makes sense.

Today I had to change my pod at work. I had about 13 units in it before I left the house, and decided to use up more before changing. I bolused for lunch and that left me with less than 5 so I decided to go ahead. I started doing a new pod while my bolus was delivering, and in the middle of delivery I got a very loud alert from my PDM. A bunch of us are together in our workspace and I just said “That’s me” as I turned it off - people I work with area a lot louder than I am so I didn’t feel bad…
All of that is to say - you might want to check the volume on your PDM from time to time: in the process of searching for the power button I’ve passed the up and down controls and this time it was pretty loud.

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Okay cool! Yeah I’ve prebolused with my omnipod almost always and will do 10-15 minutes before eating and then sometimes longer depending on starting sugar or if I’m doing something really high carb/high GI

I’ve been texting my trainer with occasional questions as they come up. She’s been very helpful but she recommended I check out some Juicebox podcasts - 3 episodes(?) of pro tips. I did the first one yesterday - it was the longest at about 1-1/4 hours; and I plan to check out the other two today - they’re less than 45 minutes each…

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Hi! What are juicebox podcasts?

It’s been a very long time since I’ve followed any podcasts and thus is my first one in years. Here’s a description I found online:

The Juicebox Podcast is from the writer of the popular diabetes parenting blog Arden’s Day and the award winning parenting memoir, ‘Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal: Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Dad’. Hosted by Scott Benner, the show features intimate conversations about living well with type I diabetes .

I’m not familiar with the blog or the host so I’m afraid I don’t have anything to tell you. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one I listened to - Omnipod 5 pro tip, #736.

they are cross-platform now you have a lot of choices how to listen - look here →

Thanks so much Joe! Greatly appreciated.

My numbers crept up last week from the week before and I’m not sure why - they increased from the 130s two weeks ago, to the 160s/170s last week. The only thing I can think of is, a couple of times a year - fall and spring - I have to adjust my basal rates. That’s always worked for me in the past with tubed pumps, but Omnipod’s auto mode does not use basals so I contacted my trainer over the weekend and am waiting to hear back.
And yesterday was not a good day: I started a fresh pod in the morning and my numbers kept rising a couple of hours after. I realized I had under-bolused a little for breakfast, and thought it was not too much for the pod to correct - but the numbers kept rising so I changed pods again around 11:00 and same! Went home early, corrected with an injection, and contacted Omnipod for replacements. The sites looked fine externally and there was no leakage, so it appears either I had a couple of bad pods(:rage: or I hit scar tissue. They are sending replacements and asked me if I would send the pods back (keep that in mind if you call in a failure - or may not be mandatory but could be helpful for their analysis). I
I was on hold with Omnipod a very long time: the first time I called the recording estimated less than a minute wait time. I waited 15 or 30 minutes then decided to try again (what was I thinking???). Second time was over an hour.
Still liking the pods. Things can happen with any pump so I’m sticking with them.

Thanks for the continued update. Interesting you say that. I’m still on the dinosaur pods and on Monday I had 4 that just were not having it. I struggled so hard to stay in range and my 3rd one fell off on my arm which is irritating because I’m trying so hard to rotate and not overuse my stomach but IMO for me at least nothing works nearly as well there. Back is hit or miss sometimes amazing and sometimes not, arms work good but I tend to hit the pod a lot or accidentally rip off and my legs are just a no go. It takes forever for it to absorb in me and then bam I’m dealing with a low for 2 hours and then a high and it’s a vicious cycle so I stopped trying there. Glad they replaced! I’m going to call mine in too I’ve just been sooooo lazy. Last time I had a bent cannula I was literally on the phone with their agent for 30 minutes so trying to find some time to carve out.

@Tee25 I found Tandem’s tech support wait times were much better then Omnipod’s. I was on the line for 1 hour 18 minutes with Insulet last night about a controller error (it’s fine) - only the last 15 minutes or so with an agent. I’ve heard Tandem has 3 locations so more reps (I could be wrong) - don’t know about Omnipod.
Have you tried a shield with a Simpatch? I walk too close to the wall sometimes so invested in them and they’re great!
Here’s a picture of the ones I use with my Dexcom sensor - they worked so well for me I got some for my pods as well. I found them on Amazon.

I haven’t had any bent cannulas so if you don’t mind my asking, do you feel anything different as it’s being inserted, that lets you know it’s bent? Or do you find out the hard way? When inserting my Tandem infusion sets manually I could tell I may have hit a trouble spot because I felt a little resistance (scar tissue). With the automatic insertion I don’t know if I would notice. Any advice? Thanks!
Also, I wonder if the Omnipod 5’s smart adjust technology would help you with thigh placement. When I wore my Tandem infusion set there I ran lower - in my case the absorption was better from walking around. That has not been a problem with the pods so it might be worth trying out. In your case the adjustments might help prevent the rises. :crossed_fingers:t4:

Thank you for sharing about those overlay patches. I was looking at those on Amazon and wondered if they were any good.

I am new to Omnipod 5 coming from injections. I am on my 4th pod now and so far , so good. I have been in target 70-80% of the time - using Humalog U200 insulin. My morning highs (which was a big problem for me) have been drastically reduced and my sugars during the day are more consistent. So far, I have not experienced a low. It is nice getting sleep without your alert going off. We will still be tweaking…which seems to be the case all the time with diabetes. Things change often.

As far as keeping the pod on, I read somewhere about some IV prep pads used on your skin before putting on the new pod (or Dexcom). I ordered those from Amazon and that has worked well at this point. However, I do think that if I swim or work in the yard, I may use an overlay…just in case.

I truly appreciate everyone sharing their experiences here. They have been so helpful and most likely have saved me frustration. I will post anything that I can that can help someone else.

Don’t mind you asking at all! I’ve had very few bend in the years I’ve used it, but typically I don’t notice at insertion. I mainly notice it if my sugars are running uncharacteristically high and I can’t explain it. So for me personally, I’ve tried doing one correction and then if I don’t respond how I’m used to I typically change it out. There have been times where I can see the canula through the little window too and it will look a little wonky and then I’ll switch it out then too. The little window in my opinion isn’t very helpful though because unless you can bend your head to see in it which isn’t always possible it’s not super helpful! One tip I do have is on more muscular areas pinch up on the skin to avoid hitting muscle- I’m not sure if that’s standard across the board with all pumps but has definitely been helpful for me. I tend to notice the possible bend the most with muscular areas versus if I do my stomach where I have a little more fluff :slight_smile:

Nothing to post for a while but I’m baaack!
I was having some higher readings that were frustrating, but I tightened up my goal range and now they’re looking sweet - meaning better - again.
Also I was finding that my controller (I think that term may be preferred to PDM) was losing its battery charge quickly: I charged it to 100% before bed a couple of nights ago and the next morning it was down to 60%! It worked fine otherwise - I just had to charge it more than should be necessary, but that concerned me so I called for a replacement (again I was on hold for an hour before I got through to tech support). Insulet overnighted a replacement and I was planning to start it up today but am going to wait: here’s what you might want to know:

You have start a new pod when you start up the new controller (which makes sense when you think about it) - I just started one yesterday so will keep the controller plugged in until it’s time to change; and
This is big - you have to manually key in all of your settings​:flushed::face_with_raised_eyebrow::tired_face:! No, you cannot get them from a backup as you do with your phone - you have to painstakingly go through every step. I verified this with a customer service rep this morning (on hold for another hour, and the wait time they have given me has been sorely under-estimated every time I’ve called) - she was just as incredulous as I was.
Just letting you know in case it ever comes up.