Omnipod AKA Constant glucose monitoring

My doctor has been talking to me a lot about going on a cgm device but i didnt like having the pump connected to me and i dont think i would like having something else connected to me again im just looking for people who have used somethink like this and what they think about it


This was 20% of my reason for using the Omnipod.  Please do keep in mind you still have something attached.  For me, I have a real fear of needles (24+ year of MDI and I never really gave a shot right - place needle slowly push it in was my method @ 6-10 shots/day in the later years)... The Omnipod is a pump.  It has the advantage of concealing the needle and having a remote.  Reportedly, the Omnipod manufacturers have signed deals with Abbott (Navigator) and Dexcom.  When they will release something that has the receiver built in to their PDM - who knows.

I am actually considering the Navigator.  I had tried both the Dexcom and the MM Guardian RT.  The RT worked GREAT for me and the only sticking point (pardon the pun) was the insertion.  I will still go that route if the Navigator is not covered.  If it's the 24/7 reminder any of these devices will fail for you, I think.  You're not going to forget about them completely.  There is no run of tubing so they have a slightly easier foot-print on the body, however, they are a bump on your bod - somewhere.  If having something attached is the issue, - it is - attached.  They are water proof and you can shower, swim a bit and be pretty active without issue once you are used to wearing them.  I have ripped off a half dozen pods, moving furniture, wrestling with a toddler and otherwise being me.  It is possible.  That said, the more you wear it, the less you think about it - ummm - okay - the less I have thought about it...

Did I help at all??? You can get trial pods and trials of the Dexcom (and if you ask while you are doing the Dexcom trial, I found the MM reps amenable to a trial also)-



I'm on the Paradigm pump and CGM.  I love the CGM because there are no additional wires. All it is is a little botton (about the size of three quarters, to quote their advertising) that you cover with a band-aid or the plastic tape they provide with it.  I don't really notice it at all, unless I pull at it when changing clothes. If you don't like needles, it is a bit painful to insert, but then the needle comes out and it's a little copper strip that stays inside your skin (hence the need to put a bandaid or the plastic tape stuff).

I get tired of carrying the pump around, and I would never have done a CGM had it meant carrying an additional thing around with me.

I cgm is not really "connected to you." It is in you, and stuck to you, but the device is not connected to you. It is separate and there is no tubing. It is wireless.

Also, why is this thread named Omnipod AKA cgm? An omnipod is NOT a cgms. It is a pump. Sorry to be so critical, I am just trying to inform you.

Hey Eric,

I use a CGM and while I am very 'young' when it comes to diabetes (only just over a year since diagnosis) it really accelarated my confidence in my care.  The information is a lot, and to start with can be overloading, but I feel naked without my CGM.  I use the DexCom and really like it.  The best thing for me is that it is a 7 day sensor and is accurate throughout that period- so firstly, you only have to navigate the injection pain once a week if you want to wear continuously; secondly, you can get a whole weeks worth of data without interruption by starting a new sensor.  I use it in a very technical environment ( an open wheeled formula race car at over 175mph) and am very happy with it.  There are small quirks, but from my research, all have there unique 'issues'. 

Hope this helps and while I am on MDI, I will definitely be paying attention to the feedback about the OmniPod as well as pumps in general.

Charlie Kimball

I have to Omni Pod and LOVE it! NOTHING is hooked up to you except the pod itself and you have a little remote thing that controlls the pod. Google pictures about it and you can see how little it is. It's not even noticable!