Omnipod algorithm

My Tslim warranty is up in a few weeks, and as much as I love my Tandem with CIQ I’m thinking about trying the Omnipod 5 - since there’s no commitment I can switch back to Tandem, so this sounds like a good time to give pods a shot.
I’m researching pros and cons, but my question is: does anyone know how the Omipod’s algorithm compares with Control IQ? In reading user reviews I’ve seen a few issues repeated and I wonder if they have to do with the background programming so I’ll know what I might need to prepare for.
Keep it simple please :grinning:!

hi Dorie,

I find this to be very informative link:

IMO it seems to be biased to the POD s well as it is a POD explanation, but does compare and describe the Medtronic and Tandem strategies in general terms.

I am kind of right there with you, if I try something new, it’ll be pod5 but Im not going to use their stupid PDM. I’m waiting on phone support. =) but that’s just me.

I would prefer to use my cell (iPhone) and keep the a backup, but I’m okay with using the PDM of I have to.
Thanks for the info!

@joe Thanks for the link! I just passed my 1 year TD1 anniversary and am ready to get a pump. I have been looking at the Omnipod but was surprised to learn it needed to changed/moved every 2-3 days (even if there is still insulin remaining.) Does anyone have an idea why this is or is that the ‘standard’ for most pumps?

Just curious - thanks!

@MFBarry The pod comes as a complete disposable pump with a “use and toss” battery built right in to it. Most infusion sets are recommended to be changed every 3 days and a pod is also an infusion set. Most insulin stability tests for pumps are done for 3 days, at about 100F and with agitation (shaking). I think it’s common for the 3 day timeout. Omnipod just makes it mandatory. I do get 3+ days (3 to 4 days) out of my Medtronic I tend to use it until it’s completely out of insulin but I only load it with 3 days worth. Also, I’m using “most” here, I should probably say I do not have data to back it up and it is just what I have read and am familiar with. :grinning::shamrock:

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Funny timing- I was just researching the differences between control IQ and omnipod 5 algorithms the other day and found this article helpful.
It’s a post from Gary scheider’s (the guy who wrote think like a pancreas) blog:

The post goes through different features of each system and compares Medtronic, tandem, diy loop, and omnipod systems. It’s not super extremely detailed but I found it interesting and it might be what you’re looking for.

Thanks for sharing this! I will be getting my starter set tomorrow and will be setting up training soon so this info will be very helpful.

A funny pod story: my rep told me he had contacted my pharmacy and ordered my starter kit from a nearby pharmacy. My insurance would let me get 3 months up front but I wanted to start with just one, just in case; so I was expecting 10 pods.
The next day I got a voicemail message from my pharmacy that they had my starter kit with 5 pods. I picked up the message after hours and was sure my rep had said 10, so I dashed off an email to my rep about the disparity, and in the morning he replied that he would follow up with the pharmacy. The pharmacy called me and I would be getting 10 pods, not 5. It turns out I was confused - when they left the message that I would be getting 5 pods they meant I would me getting pods for the Omnipod 5: 10 of them. I’m still laughing at myself🤪.
Anyway, I got my starter kit yesterday and have submitted my training request.

Haha! Good thing it wasn’t a problem with the pharmacy. It takes forever to sort those issues out over the phone. I remember my mom arguing with the Walgreens gal about the difference between a g6 transmitter and a sensor.
Let us know what differences you notice between the tandem and omnipod!

I’ve always gotten my Tandem supplies by mail. Thankfully they were well versed in the items!