Omnipod and bent cannulas

I have been an avid omnipod user for years (10+) but my last shipment of pods I’ve had quite a few issues with bent cannulas. I’m doing all the “right” things like pinching up when it’s going in and putting in more fleshy spots/versus muscles but curious if anyone has any other tips?

Also another thing I’m curious on that’s sort of related but sort of not is pump placement. Does anyone else have just horrible absorption in their thighs? I’m trying to find better spots for rotations with my pump, but everytime time I do a thigh one I end up high after eating, if I wait 2 hours and take a walk I Plummet hard. We’re talking over 100 points (spiking up to 220-250) and then it’s like all the insulin that should’ve have already been processed comes to life and sends me crashing for a long time and then I go high again. Literally a vicious cycle. I need more rotation spots then just my stomach as there is starting to be rough areas and I would like to preserve this area as long as possible. I love using my arms and that will definitely be more in rotation again with summer ending and I can occasionally get a good back site but any other spot recommendations would be great!

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My thighs have worked fine for me although I’ve only used them a couple of times with Omnipod (I did rotate there now and then with Tandem but the tubing was awkward). Exercise does make insulin absorb faster in the thigh - I don’t know that there’s any way around it.
Omnipod has a site map online showing various places butt(:blush:) they might be awkward or uncomfortable, and you would need someone to help check that the pink dot appears once the cannula is in.
Here’s a link to Omnipod with site options. If the moderators don’t allow the link (which I understand) you can Google the inch.

@Tee25 My first pod on my thigh (left thigh, mid way up, slightly inside) went very well and I thought I’d found a new place to use the Dash. However, every other pod put on my thigh has been problematic: either a heavy bleeder, discomfort/pain, or terrible absorption unless I’m pretty active (exercise, mowing the lawn, otherwise up and around). So much so, I don’t use it for pods. I’ve had decent luck with putting the G6 there, except for a couple of bleeders if to much to the “front.” Currently, I rotate between left/right abdomen, inside/back side of left bicep/tricep area. I double tap the same general area, but turn the pod around 180 so the cannula goes in a different area. This gives me about a 24 day cycle before hitting the same general area again, sometimes I’ll insert use the left side love handle toward the back far enough I can sleep on my side without laying on it more due to discomfort, than compression low impact, though the G6 has that problem, I haven’t noticed it with the pods.