Omnipod and Co-Pilot program

Hello again everyone, was curious if anyone else has encountered this.  I tried using the Co-Pilot Health management Program at home with my Omnipod, got the program installed fine but everytime I try to upload my data I get to about 25% and than an error saying "Timeout waiting for meter to respond."  No matter what i do I can't get around this or find an answer in either my omnipod booklet or online.  Any help much appreciated!

Just curious does your meter time out or have the screen go blank after a period of time. When my pump goes into powersave mode it will cause issues if I am trying to send data to my computer from the pump.

The screen stays on when this happens, though it does dim a little bit, maybe that means its saving power.  I'll try it again and try to have it "live" the whole time to see if thats makes a difference, thanks!

Good luck in your trying to do this. If worse comes to worse see if there is a FAQ on the Navigators webpage, usually you might have better luck on the website than with the printed material.

Did you download step 2 from the myomnipod site? You have to download the co-pilot and then go back onto the omnipod site, and it says step 2, and then you download the omnipod setup for the co-pilot. There are actually 2 downloads to get the system to work right.

It took me about 30 minutes to realize that I hadn't downloaded step 2.

 If you have downloaded both, you need to go up to the toolbar at the top, where it says OmniPod and then click something along the lines of extract or read. Once that is done, you can select the read button on the Co-Pilot and it will pull up your history so you can look at it that way.

Send me a message if you still need help, it is kind of complicated to type, plus I am not good at explaining until I can say "see this, click that", but I would be more than willing the help out if you need it!. I just had to redownload everything this weekend, as my computer went belly up on me a week ago.



Hey I had the same issue but i found that if you go under DataEntry on the toolbar and then click Read Omnipod PDM it works fine. I was getting so frustrated but finally figured it out...kind of a dumb setup...oh well!