Omnipod and salt water

Hi everyone. Can anyone tell me if swimming in salt water will affect my omnipod. I know it is waterproof, but would like to know if l can swim in the sea.

@avebabe62 hi Sara, welcome to TypeOneNation.

The pod is IPX-8 rated waterproof. Meaning you can completely submerge it for the depth and length of time stated in the specifications. It is the same for fresh water as it is for salt water.

Have fun at the beach!

Hi Joe
Thanks for your quick reply iv been type 1 since March last year and I’m in the process of choosing a pump it’s between the omnipod and the Dana rs but thinking the omnipod for my life stile
All the best

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@avebabe62 the only issue I find with salt water, is it means you’re at the beach, so the weather is hot. Sometimes the pod becomes less sticky. I’ve never had one come off, but the edges wrinkle up a little and i get nervous. I bought Simpatch on Amazon. It’s like medical tape all in one piece, and it fits right over the pod. Comes in fun colors too! I’ve used it a few times in the summer.

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Hi, i don’t suggest emerging it in salt water. I had mine on(on my thigh) while in the beach and the entire pod came off although i have not had this happen in fresh water. If you do decide to wear it in salt water maybe don’t put it on your leg, where it’ll be submerged in the salt water most of the time. Instead use your arm.