Omnipod and swimming

I'm getting on the Omnipod in 1 hour and I'm soooo excited about it!  But I do have one last question...when I was meeting to get trained on how to use the omnipod and the pda I asked if the underwater up to 8ft for 30 min deal was the same if I was swimming laps on the surface of the water any my pump trainer said yes.  I love to swim and it really helps my bg's so what I'm wondering is if there are any omnipod users who swim who can give me advice about this.  Do I really have to change a pod after 30 min of swimming?  Because usually I swim for at least an hour and this could change my decision about choosing this pump : (

I've been on the omnipod for over 3 years now and I've never had a problem with swimming.  I'm usually in the pool for at least an hour at a time (just usually bobbing around though, not doing laps), and I've never had a problem with it failing and/or falling off.

We have a pool in our neighborhood and I'm usually in it constantly during the summer months.  Even when I was pregnant 2 summers ago, I'd sit in the pool for HOURS, to take the weight off my legs, and my pods were always fine.

So I'd say don't sweat it.