Omnipod and swimming


Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping the Omnipod securely in place while swimming?  My daughter is an avid swimmer and we are always looking for ways to maximize her pump function.



I've been wearing an omnipod for 3+ years now and have never had a problem with one coming off while swimming (or ever, for that matter).  I'd suggest she just try swimming with one and see what happens.  Just bring along an extra pod and insulin just in case you have to swap it out.  Why go through the hassle of extra tape, etc., if you aren't going to need it?

This is my first summer with the omnipod.  But I've been swimming several times with it so far, and it hasn't come off yet.


I haven't been diving though, which I suspect could cause the pod to come off.  Also, I've been swimming in a lake....not sure how rivers or the ocean with stronger currents might affect the pod.

I've been in very strong waves in the ocean, as well as in a pool, with no problems.  Been in for hours at a time too, with no problems.