Omnipod and water resistance

Hi - I've been taking shots but am considering switching to a pump, and am particularly interested in the omnipod (one of my "hangups" with switching to a pump has been the tubing).  So I had Insulet send me a couple of their demo pods to wear as a trial.

My question for those who use (or have used) the omnipod concerns their experience with getting it wet, ie showers and swimming. I know it is supposed to be water resistant, but after showering with my second demo pod, I could see little beads of condensation through the window, and it continued to feel wet on my skin under the pod an hour or more after getting out of the shower.  This is my second demo pod that I've tried, and I didn't notice this in the first one.

I'm unsure if this is a function of my having put it on wrong, or if the fact that it is a demo may have something to do with it or what. I'm definitely going to ask the Insulet rep about it, but was curious if any other omnipod users have had similar experiences. I'm also just curious about experiences in general with the water resistance of the omnipod, good or bad.



I've been wearing the pods for almost 4 years and never had a problem when swimming and/or showering.  I get the "sweat beads" too, that can be seen through the window.  But they're there all the time...they don't seem to appear after showering, etc.  I think it's just from normal skin contact...the moisture that's absorbed from it or something to that effect.  It doesn't seem to affect it's use at all.

I love it and am a total believer.  I could never go to tubing after having a wireless pump!  SO much more convenient.  I know a lot of people complain about the size...but I've never really been concerned about it before.  Maybe if I were younger and wearing more revealing clothes or something.  But then again, I don't really care if anyone sees a bump under my clothes.  In the 4 years that I've been wearing them, no ones ever asked me what the bump was.  Or looked twice at it either, for that matter.

Hope that helps!

I'm glad to hear your good experience with the omnipod.  I'm still on shots for the time being but my doctor recently gave me a demo pod because it's something that I'm probably going to be dealing with in the future.  It does seem much more convenient than the older pumps.  

Thanks Kristen - that is reassuring. So far I'm impressed, at least with the demo pod, and am going to switch.

By the way, on the size issue, I understand from the Insulet rep that they will soon be coming out with a new pod that will be 40% smaller in size.

That would be great!!!

That would be fantastic.  Especially since I don't fill it with the entire (200 units) of insulin.  I only put 125 units in for 3 days worth.  So smaller would be cool!  Although, I hope they keep the bigger version.  Not for me, but for pregnant diabetics.  When I was pregnant I was filling it with the entire 200 units, and still having to swap it out every day and a half.  THAT's how much insulin I went through!  Mind boggling.

but will it still be 200 units??

Not sure.  I actually haven't heard anything, personally, about a smaller pod coming out.

We have a swimming pool, and I spend a substantial amount of time bobbing in it during the summer.  So far, the OmniPod has spent hours submerged without missing a beat.  It has also survived diving, cannonballs, and bellyflops quite nicely.

According to my Insulet rep, the new pod is 43% smaller but will have the same sized reservoir.  Sounds awesome to me.

I switched OmniPod after using a tubed insulin pump (a Medtronic / MiniMed) for 20 years. I would never, never, never go back to a tubed insulin pump.  I love the freedom -- keeping a pump in my pocket during my waking hours and in bed with me at night was a much bigger burden than I ever appreciated.  The OmniPod is a fantastic device.

43% smaller?  That sounds amazing.  The rep didn't give any details about when it will be available, did they?

According to my rep, by the end of next year.  Also, PDM integration with a Dexcom sensor should be completed by then, too.  It will be a bit longer until the pod and a CGM sensor are integrated, though.

We're going to see a lot of great things coming out of Insulet.