OmniPod, Anyone?

Does anybody else here use an OmniPod? I don't know anybody else that uses one and I need site advice...

My daughter uses the omnipod.  What is your question?

Well I've been just using my stomach for the past few years and I was wondering if anywhere else was a good site...

I've tried my arms too but they hurt every time I moved.

hi im bekah and i wear the pod too. i really like my legs it doesnt seem to hurt as much.  if u have any more questions just ask.

Ok, thanks. :D

heyy i have the omnipod too

i use my upper butt a lot lol

sounds weird, but it actually works well there

its out of the way and since i wear jeans, u can't see it at all there

the insertion also hurts less there

i also have tried my hip and my leg, both of which are good, too

u can ask me any other ?'s

I use it too. Feel free for questions..