Omnipod Basal Rates

Hey all. I have been on omnipod for about a year now and am currently on the following basal rates:
12a-3a 0.90
3a-7a 0.60
7a-1p 1.00
1p-6p 0.60
6p-12a 1.00

The rates are lower in the early morning and evening based on movement/activity and apparent insulin needs. I know each person exhibits a different physiology and there are a number of personal variables but guess I am wondering if a) people find their bodies need different levels of basal insulin at different times of the day and b) how this looks comparatively? Part of me wants to reduce the variability/use one rate and handle thru temp basal rates. I am someone who is quite active and I’m trying to find the right balance. Thanks


A) yes absolutely. It’s the main reason I use a pump you can’t get a shot of long acting to do this

B) kinda similar

C) I have no idea why you would want to flatline a pump then use temp basal. What about your pattern is making you want to do that? Do you have frequent highs and lows? Have you tested your basal program? I have seasonal shifts that I modify my regular basal pattern for. I change it when it in November and may

Thanks Joe. Agree re one rate…only attractive cause I travel to different time zones but again agree re flatline. Play to the most frequent need. When you say test…assume you mean basal test thru fasting? If yes, then yes to a degree. LMK if there is an art to it though as I don’t like fasting.

Hi @csnash1, I agree with what @Joe says and fully endorse the fact that a person truly with TypeOne will need varying rates of basal for optimal, and even for very moderate, diabetes management. I’ll also add to bits:

  • Never try to gaug1. e your insulin dosage on the dosage used by your “neighbor” - each of us, as you say is different;

  • Quantity of insulin varies in each of us as we go through different stages of diabetes - such as duration of using insulin. for instance you basal now is 15.2 units/day and at 60+ years using insulin my basal is less than half what you use while 40 years ago my basal was at least four times your usage. Different body stages.

If you want a steady basal 24 hours/day I suggest that you switch to one of the much less expensive pumps designed for those who have a couple of the type 2 varieties of diabetes.

I travel all the time. In fact I am 5 hours ahead of my normal time right now, I’m in Europe. I’ve been setting my pump clock on arrival but watching for a low the first day, since my 3am rate is higher. Lately I’ve been fine. I had a pattern for travel but haven’t used it in years.

Yes, no, the only good way to check basal is skipping meals. It can stink but so does the rest of our special circumstances. A cgm is great when you’re testing basal too. Good luck!

U r like most of us on pumps, i think. Blood glucose rates vary based on activity, inactivity, sleep, food, etc, and so basal rates vary in order to maintain an average, healthy bg. So while I understand wanting a simple basal rate w/as few variations as possible - ez is preferred - take advantage of the pump (pod) that allows customization. Your list of changes thru 24 hours is a lot like mine. Not exact, but close enuf. U get the point. Well, here’s one way to look at - I want to a basal rate that will keep me in the normal range if I were to eat nothing thru an entire day. For an experiment, try it for 24 hours - with your doc’s ok. I know of type-1 folk who fast to see how bg’s are. If all’s ok, they won’t vary much at all.
Type-1 since 1980. Started wtih a pump in 2000, switched to Omni Pod less than a yr ago.

Thanks all. Agree with all comments. The goal of going on the pump was to take advantage of different basal rate, IOB, and temp basal functionality. My BG levels have been much steadier and, frankly, better. And I will take the fasting/testing under advisement. I did it last year for a bit but should probably retest some periods.

I use omnipod and love it. My basals are similar in that they go from one extreme to another without reason. My basal is higher overnight versus during the day. AND my basal rayed change over time. One thing that I’ve learned this year is to not use the temp basal. I always have high sugars following a temp basal. Best is to keep carbs low and keep blouses to a minimum

Sorry. It posted before I was done.
Carbs vs insulin is similar to driving a car without using the brakes. So imagine your day to day commute. You have to plan way ahead for hills, stops, etc. the more you stay on a flat plane the easier it is to keep things within range aka control.

PS cannot wait until cgm and Omnipod automatically speak to each other. Aka cruise control for diabetes. :blush: