Omnipod - Canada?

I've just started researching insulin pumps for my daughter.  The one I'm most interested in is the Omnipod.  Can someone please tell me why this is unavailable in Canada?  Hopefully I'm wrong and I just can't find the correct information!

Any help is much appreciated ;-)

It's not available in Canada. Our only options are the Animas Ping (which wasn't available until the summer of 2009) and Mimined. When I was doing research on pumps in Canada, I couldn't find any other options.

I believe our FDA approval process is more detailed than the States which is why it takes longer for us to get the technology they have below us and in order to pass, they look at the success/problems in the States?

I haven't heard of a date for possible release of the Omnipod in Canada. I figure it's the same as Dexcom coming up here and being partnered with the Ping, they can give us est dates but nothing 100% solid.


I can say though, when I looked into our options in Canada, the Ping is by FAR the best option. I did a 3month trial on insulin with the Ping last October, but shipped it back Christmas Eve. It wasn't the pump itself that was the problem though, it had some great features to it that I was impressed with. It was my ability to handle being attached 24/7 to a machine and having worse control than with MDI (the pump isn't for everyone, which is why I think it's good they do trials on insulin and saline). I don't think the Omnipod would've been any different, even though it's tubeless which is a BIG bonus.

If you're looking into the pump I recommend the Ping. Animas was GREAT help in the insurance policy and getting it to me asap.Their customer service was the best I've experienced out of EVERY customer service experience I have had!

Mimined on the other hand was a pain in the ass. All I wanted was some information on their CGM (only one available in Canada ugh) and it took weeks of requesting the information via phone and website..both asking for it to be e-mailed and mailed! I got a packageweeks later with information on their PUMP not the CGM like I requested. I also got misinformation on the phone about the CGM options they have.

Thank you for the information!!!  It's the tubeless system that makes it much more appealing to me.  I have contacted and animas rep so we'll see where that takes us!



I had the total opposite experience with medtronic. They were awsome. Quick, helpful and knowledgable. I was and still continue to be impressed with their customer service. I had one horrible encounter but the numerous positive ones more then make up for it.

Jen, I'm with you.  I've been on a minimed pump since 1998, and have always found their helpline and customer service incredibly helpful.  I actually don't mind calling them!

That having been said, I do think it's good to explore all your options.  Animas wasn't around when I got a pump--minimed was about the only choice.  But I love having a pump, and would definitely recommend it to anyone. And hopefully I'll be getting CGM soon.  Woohoo!

I know this discussion is a little old, but I noticed the OmniPod is available in Canada!


I am thinking of looking into it more - the tubeless system appeals to me the most.

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