Omnipod...concerned about size for a 7 yr old

My daughter is 7 and we are beginning to look into a pump.  I am interested in the Omnipod, but am concerned that it will be too bulky.  Any advice?

I have a 10 year old son who is getting on the Omnipod this Wednesday! If you contact Omnipod they will send you a sample for your daughter to wear and try for a couple days. This is what helped my son make his decision.

My son is a very thin 4 year old and he loves it.  We are a little limited on where we can put it but other than that it is great!

My daughter was 7 we she started the Omnipod.  She was 45 lbs.  Very thin and flat.  She does not even realize she has it on.   It only weights 2oz. with insulin. 

We are very happy with it and I'm sure you will be too.

I also am wondering this. I have a 7 yo that will be do for a new pump this year. We were thinking of switching when he is able to with the insurance. Right now we have a minimed 522 and he hates it.


Does everyone that is on the omnipod love it?

My 4 year loves it and in a few months we are putting my youngest son and husband on it also.