Omnipod Dash PDM Constant Beeping

I’ve been using the Omnipod Dash system for almost 3 months now and have to say I am a little disappointed since I am experiencing some of the same issues I had with the old system.

Fist the positive. The PDM is much sleeker than the old one which I appreciate. Being a young professional I appreciate having a PDM that looks like a phone so I don’t attract so many questions from colleagues. “Josh, do you have 2 phones?” is a much better question than “Josh, is that a beeper or what the heck is that thing!?”.

However, when the PDM starts beeping in the middle of a meeting I want to throw it out the window. I feel like Elaine in Seinfeld when her organizer keeps beeping.

I get it PDM, my pod is going to expire in 4 hours, in 1 hour, it just expired but I really have 8 hours to change it, or you need me to test my BS. I’ll get to it when I get to it. Now SHUT UP!!

I get this thing needs to have notifications & alarms but here are my suggested improvements for Insulet:

  • Can we please silence the alarms without unlocking the PDM!? I can do it on my Android phone, why not my Android PDM!? Most often after I unlock the PDM the alarm continues and the notification doesn’t come up to silence it. This is very frustrating.
  • Can we actually have control over the volume settings!? The volume setting always defaults back to max a few hours after I turn it down. What is even the point of turning it down?
  • Can we adjust settings on the notifications? I would like it if the pod would just vibrate a couple times letting me know it is going to expire and then not require me to acknowledge the alarm on my PDM. Maybe I’m asking too much, but I didn’t get any alarms when my long acting insulin was going to expire and I did just fine.

Finally, I have not seen much improvement with the connectivity between the PDM and the pod now that it connects using Bluetooth. The old PDM was awful and Dash is better but it still has trouble even though I have it right by the pod.

OK there’s my rant, thanks for reading. I hope you found it helpful if you are considering Omnipod or if you are using Omnipod Dash and have the same frustrations.

@jhofstra, I hear and understand your “rant”.

I don;'t use the Omnipod so I can’t offer you a work-around but I hope someone here will be able to offer a solution. Keep in mind that these devices, in order to get FDA approval must be geared to an “all inclusive” audience.
Dexcom receivers must now be programmed with an annoying feature that occurs whenever recharged because some user complained years ago that it never heard a warning alarm.

@jhofstra I have no solutions for you, but I can sympathize. I switched to the Dash but am not sure it is any better. Although I like the new PDM, I don’t like that I potentially have to carry 3 items instead of 2. I used to have my cgm and the pdm, but now that it doesn’t have the blood sugar monitor, am I supposed ot carry that too? The communication between the pod and the pdm have not changed, it still can’t find it sometimes when they are directly next to each other. THE ALARMS ARE SO ANNOYING. I want to shut them all off! I know I should check my sugar after starting a new pod. Even when I do, the alarm still goes off. I don’t understand how it goes from vibrating to making sounds, after I turned it down. And sometimes it vibrates continuously instead of a few times.

I’m definitely with you on the #$@@#@# alarms! Especially since I change my pod at bedtime, only to have it wake me up with a check your BG reminder. I’ve been a T1 for more than 40 years, and I don’t need a reminder. Is there anyone out there who can figure out a hack to turn the damn thing off!!?? Yes, I’m sure it’s a liability issue, but I would gladly sign any waiver granting Omnipod immunity from any law suits. Please. Omnipod. ARE YOU OUT THERE LISTENING to comments from people who have to live with your products?

Hi @wings88 and hi again @jhofstra it is very unlikely that customer complaints made here will make it to the Insulet corp. board meetings. It may influence actual Type 1’s if they haven’t made up their minds, but that’s about where it ends.

The Insulet (Omnipod) customer support web page is here

and adverse events and complaints such as Bluetooth comm failures pod malfunctions, etc. should go to the FDA Medwatch site which is here

otherwise, you are just yelling at us… and we already agree with you!

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Thanks so much, Joe. I’ve tried to post comments on the Omnipod site before, but couldn’t find a spot to do it. Seems like all they have posted are stories about people who love their pods. Will try again with your suggested URL.