OmniPod Demo

Trying on the OmniPod demo kit that I received in the mail today.  Just put it on and definitely think that it could work out.  Going to see if I can deal with it for the next 3 days then who knows.  Will probably look into the actual pump. :)

Matt, I've definately been interested in the omnipod for a while, keep us posted and tell us how you like it!

I tried the Demo Pod from them as well. I liked it so much that I am now using the Omnipod pump. I have had it for about a month now and I love it.  I was on the Minimed pump a few years back, but I got tired of being tethered to something all the time.

One of the cool features about the Omnipod is that once it is activated, you only need the PDM when you bolus (when you need insulin to cover your food). Your basal doesn't need to be near the PDM to work. So, if you run to the grocery store or somewhere and you are not going to be eating, you don't have to bring ther PDM with you. Also, it figures your insulin on board and suggests a bolus amount for the carbs you enter.

Good luck. I hope you like it. Regardless of what pump you choose, pumps definately help you have better control.


I've been on Omnipod for about a month now, and I LOVE It!! It makes my life a lot easier. My 7 years old daughter is also on Omnipod now. We went live on the same day. She loves the freedom too!

I would definitely recommend it!

Is there a big price diffence between the pump and the omipod ?

A pump with tubing is much more right up front but it is less over time.  The omnipod is less up front but more over time. I was told that in the end it is extremely close cost wise. Hope that helps!