OmniPod do someone know if and when will be sell in Europe (Italy)?

do someone know if and when will be sell in Europe (Italy) ?

Hello any  feedback would be very apreciated.

Many thanks in advance

Biagio diabetics with accucheck D-TRON plus from Italy Milan


Your best bet is to reach out to the company and see where things stand with them. See if it is even an option.

Thanks a lot Brian (you know that my 2nd son i called hm Brian ?), i will contact immediately Insulet Company.


"I live diabetes as i chance,  YES i run , i PUMP my run"


I am on Omnipod and I have no idea when/if it will be available elsewhere, but I must say that their customer service reps are always very kind and helpful.  Good luck!

Hello Stephany, thanks so much, i did contact Customer Service of Insulet Company and indeed they were so kind and fast in reply to me.

I did join to PodWatch mailing list news so now i eilll wait for any news about OmniPod hoping will come soon  to Italy.

Would be so amazing for me start running and swim every day (as i do now) WITH NO TUBE ATACHED TO ME !!!!

Again thanks a lot


"Yes i RUN and SWIM, i live diabetes as i chance, I PUSH IT RO THE LIMITS, I PUMP MY RUN AND SWIM !!!"