Omnipod failures?

My daughter started her Omnipod about 3 weeks ago.  She has had three failures where she had to change the pod, she has had two where it was so painful she had to take it off, no it didn't appear to be in a muscle but not sure how to tell that.   I have had good customer service, but am still waiting for the replacements to arrive.  So, is this normal?  really, 3 out of 7 or so have failed?   I can't deal with takes her 10 minutes or so to swap it out, it always happens when she or I am in a hurry and she doesn't exactly enjoy changing her pod. She is a trooper and LOVES the pump.  I LOVE the control she has...NO sugars over 150 usually, very few excellent control with ease, but this failure business is driving us crazy.   Thoughts?