Omnipod G6

Hi All,
My doctor is hinting towards me getting the new omnipod G6 . I have never been on a pump. I currently wear a dexcom G6 which I like hated tghe G5. Was curious of where th wear it since I am a side sleeper and does the pod stay on securely like the dexcom.


Hello @Glennol you can call insulet and ask them to send you a sample. They will ship a empty pod (no guts) and you can stick it to yourself and give it a good sleep. I think the Omnipod 5 is the new one. Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:

Hi @Glennol . There are patches you can get to help keep your devices in place, and you may be able to get them at no charge from the company although I don’t know if that applies to Omnipod.
I use a Simpatch to keep my G6 sensor in place and they typically last all 10 days. Attached is a picture of pink patch I use with my Dexcom sensor - they’re available without a strap due both devices. There’s one for pods too but they may be expensive for 3 day wear.

Also do not be afraid to put the sensor where you think it will work for you. Medtronic says only stomach and arm. There is no way for me to put it on my arm. Maybe if you live with someone that is a place but not for me. When I put it on my stomach, they last half the time they are supposed to. I mostly use my legs. Everyone at Medtronic knows people do this because we are not robots. We are all different. If it faults where you put it and call for a replacement, LIE! Tell them you put it where they want you to and it didnt work. Work the system to get what works for YOU, not corporate lawyers.

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My doctor is also trying to get me to change from my Medtronic 670 to an Omnipod. BUT my insurance(Medicare + secondary) pay for everything and the Omnipod will cost me a monthly charge. Are there any other senior citizens who have found a pump, other than Medtronic, that will be covered?

And to Wadawabbit, where can I purchase Simpatches? Keeping my G6 in place in Florida can be difficult.

I get my Simpatches from Amazon.