Omnipod Highs

Do any podders experience unexplained highs near the end of a pod. Like on the 3rd day if the reservoir is getting low? Under 20 units or so? My husband is feeling this might be a trend for our daughter but I think it might be other factors at play. Anyone else get this? I’ve heard pressure can be an issue for pen users so wondering if it could be similar for pods. Thanks!

We had similar issues and found that changing the pod on a two day cycle was much more reliable. Some kids build up a resistance at the infusion site faster than others is the way I understood it. The doctor updated the scrip to more pods and surprisingly cost is the same.

I had the same issue. Unfortunately, tinkering with expensive pods every two days and wasting insulin was more of a hassle and way less predictable than my 6-7 shots per day. 2 weeks of omnipod and i switched back to mdi without hesitation.

I had a similar experience. Day 2 and I couldn’t tell if the pod was working or not. Too much hassle especially trying to get replacements over the phone. After a year, I switched to tslim and much more reliable with less time stressing about it. Best wishes!

My daughter has the same issue. Our solution was to change pods routinely on day two. Her doctor adjusted the prescription so we have plenty of pods and she’s fills them with less insulin than she did when wearing them for three days. With these changes, she’s been very successful and the cost did not change for us.

I am having the same problem. Customer Service Rep suggested I try different location but did not help.glad to know it is not just me.

I started using the pod last February and noticed a trend towards high blood sugars for the last 12-ish hours on each pod. I switched to changing them every two days and that seemed to help. My doctor rewrote my prescription, so I still had plenty each month and no additional cost.

I gave it almost a year. Just switched back to MDI last week. I miss the food library and dose calculator, but I don’t miss the pain or the constant worrying about leaking.