OmniPod Interest

I am a Animas OneTouch Ping Pumper and I love it and it is truly fantastic! The wireless remote, carb counter and calculator for corrections are all so useful. When I first started the pump a little over 2 years ago I was given the option between many pumps like the Medtronix, Animas and Omnipod versions. The Omnipod at the time scared me and I wasn't sure if I would feel comfortable with the insulin resevoir  being attached to me. Now,  I have been researching the similarities and differences between the Animas One Touch Ping and the OmniPod and they are pretty similar in what they can do just different in the way that the omnipod is tubleless and the catheter inserts itself which I find both so wonderful! And what I've read about the differences has helped me learn about it a lot but what I want to know is from a personal user of a pump to an omnipod pump or just an omnipod user what they feel about it.

So ultimately, my questions are: What do users of the OmniPod like/dislike about it? Do you feel you have better control or the same as another pump? Did you use a different pump before and what do you find easiest/hardest about adjusting? Would you suggest the transition from the regular pump to the omnipod? Are there any difficulties you have found with the omnipod or the way its worn?

Please let me know what you think I am very interested in Omnipod!

I have been an Omnipod User for a little over 2 years and love it.  I have had issues with pods failing, but Insulet corp. has replaced every one without any hassle.  From just my observation it appears that if a pod from a particular box fails, others from that box will too.  It sounds lame, but always carry an extra  pod with you.  I seem to have more problems with failures while wearing pods on my triceps.  The abdomen works best for me.  Never tried the leg or lower back as they would interfere with exercise.

I love not having the infusion line or having the costly pump attached to me.  I work in a public - safety job that sometimes involves me using physical force on individuals, so the idea of tubing catching on something does not appeal to me.  I have torn off several pods in the line of duty, but I just stick a new one on and go, not a big deal since they last 72 hours (80 actually) and you normally remove them by just tearing them off anyway.  You might think it feels weird to have the pod hanging off of your body, but you get used to it quickly.  This is coming from someone who can barely tolerate wearing a watch.

This is my first pump, so comparisons to others I cannot help you with.  I had problems with the pods sticking during exercise due to perspiration and bouncing during jogging.  I called Insulet and they advised me to use Skin-Prep, the brand is Smith & Nephew.  Excellent product, no more issues with adhesion.  IV prep was a complete failure.  My insurance balked at providing Freestyle strips, but I easily obtained an override when I explained that the pump itself is also a meter.

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