Omnipod -- make the beeping stop!

Sorry about you not liking the alarms. However, there is no way to shut them off. I to do not like them.
As for the low insulin alarm and pod expiration alarm… well, the pod and PDM will alarm and let you know 12 hours before your 72 hours is up and then at 8 again at 4, then when it needs to be changed. However there IS a 8 hour grace period. And after 80 hours the pod shuts itself off… It is why on the boxes, and the adverts and such that it states “3 days Nonstop insulin *up to 72 hours of insulin delivery”, however they legally can not mention the 8 hour grace period.
The OmniPod is not like a normal pump, where we can wear it for 4-5 days and not have a worry about if it is going to continue to work. The Pod itself is the pump. The PDM is just the controller.
I am sorry you do not like the alarms and the fact that you can not wear it for the 4 days you mentioned. I personally do not mind having to change my pod more often than what I did with my standard infusion sets, and the alarms are there to alert me and also for checks and balances of the pod itself.

(remote controlled pump).