Omnipod on Friday


I'm starting the Omnipod on Friday, and I'm really curious to see what anyone/everyone who has used it thought about it.

My doctor didn't have much to say about it, nothing above what she said about either of the other types of pumps. But I want specifics. Which she didn't seem to have for me. 

If anyone can provide me with ANY information, I'd really appreicate it. 


I've had the Omnipod for a few weeks now and it is working Great!  I replaced the medtronic Minimed.  Everything I've read about the Omnipod that's been negative, I think you can ignore.  I've changed the pod 5 times and it is so simple compared to the minimed.  AND all 5 pods have worked exactly like they're supposed to. The only thing I don't like about it is that you have to remember to take the PDM with you wherever you go.  As far as setting it up. it really can be done correctly with the instruction on the PDM, but the teacher I have is great!  My doctor didn't know much about it either.  It is 100% covered by my insurance, which is AARP medicare advantage, unlike the medtronic which I received a bill for from Medicare for $1000!!  I think you'll like it.  NO MORE TUBES DANGLING EVERYWHERE!!!!.

I've been on the Omnipod for about a year now. I LOVE it. I was on the Cozmo pump and absolutely hated the tubing! With the Omnipod I feel like I have more 'freedom.' Dresses are now easier to wear, lol. My A1C went down. Only had about 4-5 pods fail on me. But Insulet is great and will replace them if you call. Try and experiment with the pods and put them in different places. I usually do my stomach and back. My friend puts the pod on her arms and calf. Haven't tried those yet! If you have any questions, just ask! Hope that helped a little.