OmniPod or Insulin Pump?

So I use a MiniMed Insulin Pump right now, and overall I really like it. But I have heard a lot of stuff about the OmniPod and am really curious how it works and if it works better than a pump. I'm a dancer and the constant tubbing and pump itself gets in my way all the time, so I wanted something a little simpler.

Anybody who has one.. Do you like it? Would you recommend it? Does it help with control more than a regular pump or shots? Please help me! I would love hearing all your opinions about this!!! :)

We are trying to deceide on a pump. First one for my 10 year old. He really wants an omnipod. But the endo suggests the Animas or the medtronic (which I am leaning toward) She said the failure rate is high with the pod and there isn't enough science to back it up. Then I heard Omnipod had huge losses and may go bankrupt (don't know if this is even true). We just received a demo pod in the mail to try. I also heard they fall off a lot- but this was from other pump reps...

confusing for sure!!

I use a MiniMed Paradigm insulin pump and it works great for me! It just gets hard at times because when I dance (which I do seven days a week), the cord and actual box gets in my way. So I wanted to know the details about the OmniPod to see if it would be easier for me to use instead. Let me know if you find anything more about it! Thanks so much for your opinion!

     I am an Omnipod user, and I like it  so much.  It is the first pump I've ever used.  I've had  only minor problems really.  Most of that is from just beginning to use a pump.  I probably would have similar problems no matter which pump I used.  Half the time I forget that I'm even wearing the Omnipod.  Well, except when I have to use it....test blood sugar, administer insulin.  But I work out quite often, and the pod can keep up with my activity levels.

I am doing a lot of research on the OmniPod for multiple reasons. The major one being that I am an avid dancer and the tubing gets in my way a lot and it pulls on the site in my skin. I tend to get the tubing caught on a lot of stuff and the OmniPod doesn't have a cord. I am just worried that with sweating and a lot of physical activity that the pod won't stay on my skin that well. Where do you put the pod at? I put my pump sites on my stomach, upper legs. and my arms. My arm is my favorite spot though! haha

I started on the Omnipod last July. I avoided pumps until then due to the tubing/teathering issue. It is hot in NC, and I do a lot outdoors (translate as copious sweat). I ride horses and jump, which puts a lot of vertical motion and impact on the pod on my abdomen. It has never come loose or dislodged the cannula. I don't even react to the adhesive, which was a surprise for me, as I do not tolerate most asdhesives.

Issues: A little bulky to sleep on. Can't use sauna or hot tub, as it can't be removed and the insulin would be overheated. I have torn the fabric by catching it on underside of a table getting up - fixed with a sheet of IV3000 over the top unti the next change (3 days).

I have had a few problems with insertion sites where I hit a blood vessel and had poor/no insulin delivery. Had to change the pod immediately, but Insulet then replaced the pod at no charge.

I certainly hope Insulet survives, because I will not choose to go on a conventional pump should Omnipod become unavailable.

[quote user="Larry"]

I have had a few problems with insertion sites where I hit a blood vessel and had poor/no insulin delivery. Had to change the pod immediately, but Insulet then replaced the pod at no charge.


This is something I just thought about when you mentioned this...if you have a pod that has poor delivery or whatever, can you draw out the remaning insulin that's in it before changing, or do you have to waste all of that insulin? Because if you end up having to change it almost right after, wouldn't you be throwing away however many units of perfectly good insulin? Just wondering.



It seems like the OmniPod is a lot like my pump when it comes to few insertion site problems and keeping it from coming off because of sweating during physical activity. Is there a big chance that Insulet will stop the OmniPod? Because I have heard nothing but good and positive things about it thus far.

I'm also very sensative to adhesives, so that is good to know about it not bothering your sensative skin. I break out from certain tapes and things like that. When I'm in the hospital they have to use special tape because I'm allergic to the latex in it.

Shelby, I don't know if this will help, but at the walk last year they gave me a model of the OmniPod, and out of curiousity I wore it for a couple days.  Even though it was just a sample and everything, it still stayed secured and I even did yoga in it.

Really?! I didn't know that. That's awesome! I saw them advertising it when we were walking around at the big booth area thing, but I didn't know they were giving out testers to try. I wonder if they would send me a sample one in the mail to try out... Hmmmm.... I need to talk to my mom! lol Did you dance in it? I mean yoga is like dancing, it just makes me a little nervous! haha

Yep, I mean it doesn't really work (you can't put insulin in it) but I was able to wear and see if I like the size and everything. I don't think that class was really intense or anything, but I was on the ground and stretching in different directions, and I didn't seem to have any problems! : )

Sweet! Thats what I would want to test out anyways. I know what it feels like to give insulin that way because I have a pump. I would just want to see if I was comfortable with the size and shape of it and such!

I also use the Medtronic 722 Paradigm and I love it! My endo suggested either this pump or the Animas pump...she doesn't like the Omnipod as she wore it once and it got pulled out. Supposedly it's pretty bulky. Hope this helps. :)

If you go to the omnipod website you can request a demo. My son got one and had it on for about 5 hours and took it off. He didn't like it stuck to him.In fairness though, he has not had any pump so I'm not sure how he'll feel about the being "stuck" to any pump!

Also - I think if there is a malfunction you do lose the insulin although I'm not sure :/


I'm currently on the Minimed 522. I tried the OmniPod sample at a JDRF Walk last year, but I didn't really like it. I wore it on my arm, and it was quite bulky and awkward to wear.

The tubing on my MiniMed gets on my nerves, but I much prefer being able to disconnect at any time over having that bulky OmniPod glued to me 24/7.

When the OmniPod gets smaller (and more reliable), I would happily switch. But right now I don't think the technology is strong enough.


On a side note, have you considered disconnecting from your pump while you dance? I'm not sure how long per day you dance, but you can stay disconnected for up to 1 hour at a time. (Then just adjust when you reconnect) That would solve your problem!

I take several hour-long workout dance classes (cardio hip hop, etc.) and just make sure  i'm at a good level (for me, about 125) before the class, disconnect, and dance my heart out! I usually have it off for about 1 hour 15 minutes at a time, and I really don't notice any huge spikes or lows in my control because of it.


I have the "pod" and love it! the customer service is great. If you have any pod failures they will replace them and you can draw out the unused insulin from the changed pod and put it back in the vial. They don't recommend it but you can. I've done it for almost a year now.

Hi Shelby,

I cannot compare the "pod" with a traditional pump because I've only used the "pod". I can say injections control was not so hot for me and the pod has given me better control and no tubes.

IT'S GREAT. Customer service is wonderful and from what I think the company will offer you a trial period, so you have nothing to lose.