Omnipod Pod Errors

Do other Omnipod users have issues with the pods alarming?

I feel like I have several pods in each batch that alarm while I'm wearing them.  I always call Insulet Corp to report the alarm, and they send me a replacement. But I wondered if others have the same issues with the pods alarming. 

I find mine are alarming more often when I wear them on my arms.  I asked the Insulet Corp rep if they alarmed because I didn't have enough fat on my arms.  They said that shouldn't be an issue, because even young kids who don't have a lot of fat wear them with no problem.

 How often do yours alarm?  Have you found any solutions? 

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Are these occlusion alarms?

We had some issues when we first started, but seemed to have resolved them.  We had problems with the pod pulling away from the white adhesive patch.  Once it pulls away from the adhesive, the weight of the pod is going to continue pulling it away from the body, and eventually the canula is not going to deliver insulin properly.

A cool trick I learned is to put a few small pieces of double faced tape between the pod and the adhesive patch (before you fill it.)  Take off the needle cap so you can access that area as well.  Just go around the pod and gently lift up the edges of the white adhesive and you will see the pod is not "stuck" as much as you'd think to that adhesive.   This works great for us - the pod isn't pulling away at all from the adhesive anymore.  3m double faced tape is avail at Wallyworld.  

Static can cause issues too.  I store the pod with a dryer sheet in the box. 

Hope that helps!





My thirteen year old daughter has been on the omnipod for a year and a half. She has had many pod failures with no alarming–just wrong numbers for no reason. We are both very frustrated but are fearful to leave the system because the wires scare us. Has anyone gone from omnipod to wired with no problems adjusting?