Omnipod question when changing pod

Hello all!

I have found that when I change my pod (after the three day period) I get high sugars for a few hours after changing. Does anyone else have this issue? I don’t know how to avoid it and it’s very frustrating!


Hello @stephakitten I have an issue at every set change. High sugars. I don’t use pod but I have the same thing every time I change an infusion set. I think I am sensitive and when I change a set I get local inflammation, and that interferes with insulin for a short time. Over the years I notice it goes away quickly with light exercise or a shower. I also bolus more when I change a set or if between meals I set a temporary high basal until I see my bs start to drop on my CGM. Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:

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That helps! Thank you!!! I will try a few of your suggestions!!!

Hi! I’m a podder. For me, it depends on site. I’ve noticed if I hit a patch of scar tissue or just tougher skin, I have higher sugs for the first 6-8 hours. Also same thing with my thighs, while technically they are not covered in scar tissue, since I rarely use it it’s just a slower up to speed site for me. By the next day though, my insulin sensitivity returned to normal. If I do a thigh site, I have to make sure I pinch up the skin, and then typically do a really small bolus after. I I haven’t noticed this spike if I do my back near my love handles or my arms in the more fleshy part so I don’t know if it also just happens to do with how lean you are in a certain area? I’m pretty average sized but more on the lean side of average so I sometimes get curious if that’s part of it too,

I used to have this every pod change. Also, I started having a lot of skin issues and infections at the site. Flonase fixed most of that but I still had the elevated sugar for up to 12 hours. I switched to a tubed pump and this mostly went away.
Occasionally, I still have this issue and use a needle shot to control it. That works much faster for me anyway…