Omnipod Rash

Hi All,
I have been using an Omnipod for the past three years after switching over from a Medtronic. I started having issues with rashes over the past year. I get an itchy, sometimes painful rash with raised red bumps under the adhesive. It can be so unbearable at times that I feel like I have to rip the pod off for relief. Has anyone had this issue before? I rotate the pod location between my abdomen, upper waist, and lower back.

Thanks much.

We had a similar thing happen with my son and the dexcom sensor. I tried dozens of products and combos of things and this was what ended up working: I cut a hole in a Johnson & Johnson tough pad and attach the sensor to that so the holes align. Then I put Skin Tac on his skin and let it try before applying the j&j toughpad (which is cheapest to buy at, hard to find in retail stores).

Hope you find something that helps!


Yep… Well, the same but different. I used the OP for 7 years and in the last year that I used it, was the year they redesigned it to be ‘better’. In my experience, it made things totally worse… To the point where I switched pump companies.

With the OP, I was getting nasty fluid-filled blisters under the pod at the end where you insert the insulin. Not sure if it was a reaction to the tape, the adhesive, the insulin or what. It was so bad that I had to cut out two sites. I also had a lot of leaky pods, really poor absorption and other issues like occlusions, pods randomly alarming and random highs.

I loved the OP concept, but the risks to my health weren’t worth it anymore. I’m on the Animas Vibe now and, while its a conventional tubed pump, I couldn’t be happier (or more healthy)