Omnipod reaction

Hi All,
Losing track of time but I think I’ve been on Omnipod for at least nine months now. Over the last month I’ve been having a reaction to the adhesive. It starts itching while it’s still on and when I remove it my skin is very red, still itchy and sometimes it burns a little. Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas on how to combat this?

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@Deeeerose full disclosure I don’t use omnipod but I do use a CGM and infusion sets with my pump. I get fairly severe reactions to the G6 adhesive. I make sure I do not ever use a site more than 10 over 40 days. That’s easy to do I have 4 favorite spots and I rotate them (and the site is for 10 days max). I also find using Flonase (A nasal spray with a mild steroid) after alcohol wipe, 2 sprays in the area and let it dry before applying the set, is very helpful. The rotations and the Flonase has pretty much resolved the irritation issues.

for my infusion sets, I only leave them in for 3 to 4 days and do not find skin irritation, so there might be a length-of-time factor as well as a adhesive component factor.

Maybe talk to a dermatologist as well. they might know some other tricks. good luck!

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Thanks Joe! My Omnipod’s stay on for a maximum of 2 to 3 days so it’s not the length of time but I’ll definitely try the Flonase! I appreciate the advice!


I had that happen to me probably 4-5 years ago. At the time, I called and they did change something to their adhesive and they sent me a full replacement of different pods.

My allergist suggested Flonase spray like joe suggested and I use a skin barrier protection wipe. I can’t honestly remember what brand I used but basically the gist of that is you wipe your site except where the cannula is inserted and this creates a barrier between your skin and adhesive. I did find this beneficial.

Definitely recommend calling them though as they might be able to send out new pods and confirm if others are seeing the same reactions!


Thank you Taylor! I’ll try both!

Hi Dassy,
I have allergies to all of the adhesives - - even bandaids! - - so I understand what you are going through. I use Flonase spray as well ( I actually use the Costco store brand equivalent). However, I also use Pepto Bismal and SkinTac barrier wipes.

My process is, I first wash the area with anti-bacterial soap and water. Once dry, I spray my skin with the allergy spray. Then I apply a thin layer of Pepto (this counteracts the acidity in the adhesives) and when that is dry I apply the SkinTac. I then insert my pump infusion set (I use Tandem) and/or my CGM (Dexcom).

I have tried each of these separately and in different combinations, but what works best for me is all three together. I would suggest washing with the soap and water instead of using an alcohol wipe because alcohol will dry your skin which only makes the allergic reaction worse (per my doctor).

I hope some of this advice helps!

Pam K.
T1D 57 years and counting!

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Thank you Pam,
I did try the Flonase and so far no itching but I haven’t removed that pod yet. I do use alcohol wipes so I’ll take your advice and cut out that step. The Dexcom doesn’t have that effect on my skin, only the Omnipod and some brands of bandaids. I did notice on my list prescriptions that my doctor prescribed the skintac wipes when I was first diagnosed and the drugstore never filled that. I was a little in shock at the time so I totally forgot about it. Thanks so much I’m going to get everything today!