Omnipod Service - Frustration

I know that I seem to write more rants than praises with my Insulet devices and friends so I will point out that since I got the new controller my controller errors (from static) went away completely and my pod failures seem to have been decreasing.  I have also been on and off the pods and done some more time on shots - just testing some theories so I'm not 100% devoted to the product to begin with...

That said, I had a really annoying several days with this pod reorder.  I called up last Wednesday and told them I needed a re-order.  My insurance was through the same employer, was the same type of insurance, with a new group number.  I also told them I was running low on pods because I'd waited longer than I should have to order.  They said they'd call me back.  When they failed to call me back I called them and I was told that they had to re-verify all of my insurance and it would be a little while before they could get back to me.  Sunday, wouldn't you know it I had a pod fail on fill up - that famous 19-...64 thingy...  Now I'm down another pod, already low and when I call in for support the (very kind) guy I was talking to informed me that he couldn't ship a replacement but he would have it put in with my next order... Which was still in mystery land... GAH! He did tell me he'd mark it urgent and that I should get a call the next day...- Okay *deep breath* Monday was a fantastically busy day and I didn't think to call until after they were closed - and... yes, they never called me.  Tuesday, I called on my way to the office.  The customer service rep I am talking to is reviewing all my insurance information with me and starts asking how much money I have in my HSA account (health savings plan through work)... 

Now - a brief note here - in the 21/2 -years or so that i've been using the Omnipod, they ship them, they bill me, I pay.  This has been the process and there were no notifications of any change.  I have never missed a payment nor have I ever paid late. 

I told her to let me worry about my balances and that I would surely pay the bill, as I always have, when it arrives.  "We no longer ship without payment..." I was told.   "Really?" I asked, I don't recall seeing any notification that you changed your billing practices or payment requirements.  "We're working on a letter," i was told.  I am fortunate enough - even with the chaos in my life right now, to be able to cough up the money without notice (I have a high deductible plan so until mid-way through the year, the full cost comes out of my pocket).  I would have had notice had they bothered to tell me they were changing their policy.  It seemed to be very irresponsible to me and I don't like having terms changed without notice or regard to the people the changes effect. 

Anyhow, next office visit, I think I'm going to see if my doc will go for a Ping trial... 




Since I hate to make it all bad news: I still have only good things to say about Navigator and the support from Abbott...  It is, by my estimation, the BEST TOY (d-tool) EVER!!! :)

That's good to know. Did you keep your old pump, tubing and reservoirs for these emergencies? Or did you trade them for the omnipod? Send Omni pod a certified letter of your grievance and cc: insurance company, ADA, etc.

As a ping user and someone who has worked with customer service I can tell from my experience they are top notch. Each time I call I get a very nice and very knowlegeable rep. Sometimes the wait  is a bit long but no longer than 15 minutes. I am on a reorder progam so everything auto ships to me but I can change the colors of the infusions etc whenever I want.


Omni pod supply cost?   Does anyone know how to lower the cost?    We are basically satisfied with the product.  It seems better than the Minimed pump we used previously.  The problem is the cost of the supplies.  There seems to be no can only get the supplies from omni pod and the supplies are expensive.  At least with Minimed you have choices of where you could purchase your supplies.  Also,  even though the pods last only 3 days our blue cross blue shield insurance considers the supplies DME durable medical equiptment which under our insurance has a very high deductable.  Our supplies are not usually covered at all until Nov or Dec and then only 50%.  The next year the very high DME deductable starts over.  It is like not having insurance.  Anyone know why the supplies are considered DME and how to get that changed...or know where to buy less expensive supplies.

I also have Blue Cross Blue Shield for my son and it has been an absolute nightmare dealing with OmniPod.