Omnipod Sites

I was wondering what your favorite sites are for placing your Omniod? I just got mine (I am on pod #4 ).

I noticed that when I put it on my back, just above my hip, that it really poked me when I was driving. I also seemed to notice that my insulin may not have been absorbing as quickly ... or at least that is how it seemed. Anyone else notice this?

Thank for the info. I know I will work out the bugs as I go, but I thought I might just ask all of my co-Omnipod users out there :)


My daughter has been on the Omnipod for a year.  Her favorite place is her lower back.  We do not put it right above her butt like they recommended.  We found that the insulin did not absorb correctly.  Probably because of the extra fat that is there.  We also put it on her stomach.   We have put it on her thigh but we seem to have problems with the cannula.  It bends during insertion and she does not get insulin and she goes very high.

Also, keep in mind that if you see that you have highs after a pod change try to do a temp basal.  We do a temp basal of +75% or 95%, for 2 hours, after every pod change.  It works. 


Good Luck




Where exactly on her back? I think I might have placed mine too high because it really bothered me while I was driving. I had it basically where if I put me hands around my waist, my thumbs would touch it.

Thanks for the tips.


We put our daughter's pod lower than that.   When she wears her jeans it falls right below where the waist sits.  Not to much to the side.  More to the middle of her back.  We always face the canulla opposite of the spine.

Hope this helps. 

Thanks. That actually helps a lot. I wish they could make the actual canulla a color, like blue, so it would be easier to see if it was in right. I change sites tomorrow so I will try it and see how it works for me.

This is only my fifth pod and so far I love it. I was on the Minimed a few years back but I didn't really like being tethered to the PDM. My re was telling me that within the next year they will be coming out with a pod that will be 40% smaller. She also said that they are working with Dexcom to combine the continious glucose monitor with the pod so that they will be integrated in the one pod. How amazing will that be. I can't wait.

Thank again for your help.


Wow!  40% smaller.  That's great.  My daughter is 8 and has been diabetic fro a little over a year.  She is giving me problems testing her blood (especially when her friends are around).  The CGM intergrated with the pod will make her very happy.

Let me know how your next pod change goes.






here's the recommended pump sites: universal (not POD only)

I've tried a few sites for my OmniPod, and really the only place I've felt comfortable having it is my abdomen. Having it on my butt or thigh was really uncomfortable because my clothes rubbed against it (jeans are a lot less giving than most shirts). I also felt like it was tugging every time I sat down. I haven't tried the arm yet but I feel like I would hit my arm against something and rip the pod off in an instant. On my abdomen, it doesn't get tugged by my clothes, sitting isn't an issue, and the only times I've had it rip off is when I accidentally catch it against the edge of my desk when I stand up too fast.

ive also tried putting in on my back but it feels really weird when i drive, but the biggest problem ive had when experimenting with alternate sites is that the absorption rates differ from site to site. When i was wearing it on my arm, i seemed to have more highs then when i was wearing it on my stomach.  My stomach still is the only place where I feel comfortable wearing it.

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I love wearing mine on my arm is my favorite site. The lower back, butt and outer thigh do not work well for me. I keep getting occlusions. My abdomen and arm are my favorites but really like arm.

My CGMS is on my abdomen so sharing the space there is awkward.