Omnipod stops working after 2 days?

I’ve been using the omipod for more than 5 years now, but recently I’ve been having issues with it lasting the full 3 days. Recently it’s been lasting maybe 2 days, and then I’ll go up over 300 overnight. When I change it, it’s usually bloody and when I put on a new one my blood sugar will be completely fine for another 1/2 days until it does it again. I’ve tried changing the areas where I put my pods and being careful not to put pressure on the pods, but I haven’t had any luck yet. Has anyone else had this experience? Or is there anything else I can try?

That stinks! This is going to sound dumb, but have you called Omnipod yet? They replace any that don’t last like they’re supposed to, and they’ll help you figure out why, too. Oh, and sometimes your local rep will know things to try that the 800# people don’t, or vice versa.

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I did call them, and they said to try using a pod adhesive to keep it in place… They said they would send me some samples to try, and I’m currently waiting for those to arrive. But I’m not confident that it will help, since I’ve never used adhesives before and I’ve never had a problem! They also said to keep trying different sites, but I’ve tried pretty much everywhere I’ve heard of people placing their sites before.

I’m with you: it doesn’t sound like an adhesion issue. It sounds like something is happening where it’s getting dislodged somehow after awhile. Maybe what they mean is that with better adhesion, it won’t get knocked around as easily? I could see that. Ditto with different sites, some being more prone to getting whacked than others, or just being more stable versus more jiggly. Riding bikes on a brick road makes that difference pretty clear. :slightly_smiling_face:

Our closest experience to what you’re describing was with Tandem, which I know lots of people love. And we loved it, too, when it worked. Unfortunately, we kept having what you described: the site would work fine at first, but then inexplicably her sugar would go up and not come down until we changed it, after which it would work fine for awhile again until the next time.

For us, there was no pattern we could ever discern — it happened anytime from within an hour to right before the three days was up and at all times in between. And sometimes it would work all three days beautifully. But too often it wouldn’t. Sometimes the cannula would be visibly bent or crimped, but not always. Sometimes her skin at the site would be red, raised, and irritated, but not always. We asked everyone, and tried every infusion set they sell, but never got an answer.

In the end, we just gave up and went back to Omnipod, which never gave us that kind of trouble. My best guess was that it had something to do with the tubing. My daughter’s always moving, even in her sleep, and so in the absence of any other explanation, I just figured she must have been unknowingly catching it on stuff and jostling the site.

So anyway, maybe that’s what’s happening with your pods now, as far as getting dislodged somehow? Or if it’s always after 2 days, maybe the insulin is spoiling? I know some people, especially in hot climates, find they need to change every 2 days. That’s all I’ve got for you. Please do let us know what you learn, though, in case it starts happening to us with Omnipod, too!

I also used the pods for a number of trouble free years and then developed problems. Mine were on the opposite end though, upon insertion. For 6-14 hours, I would run much higher than normal . I tried different sites, orientations and priming orientations, taping the canula end down. Finally I gave up and went to a tube pump for the different infusion set. About a month in now and the problem hasn’t reappeared yet.

I will add that ALWAYS placing the pod either up or pointed to the left on my body and always priming it upside down from instructed did really help the delivery for me…after the initial problem of insertion. That part might help you if it is really an undetected occlusion.