Omnipod tape reaction!

I have been on a Medtronic pump user for about 10 years, but switched to the Omnipod about 3 months ago, and am having horriable problems with the tape! Every time I take the pod off it leaves a bad rash on my thigh that takes forever to go away! The whole area that the pod was stuck too turns a bright red, bumpy, itchy, and actually hurts to some degree. I'm about to have to start to find a new site area because these rashes take over a week to go away (and I dont want to put a new pod on with the tape touching it).

I know I have sensative skin, but I NEVER had this problem with my Medtronic pump, and wanted to know if anyone else has this problem?



Chelsea,  I have been on the Omnipod for a year and I have never had that problem.  Maybe your skin is just super sensitive in that area?  I wear mine on  my arms, alternating front and back and don't have any  problems.