Omnipod v. Minimed Question

I have never pumped, but expect to soon and am trying to evaluate monitors.  I like the Omnipod because of the lack of tubing.  My endo will certainly let me choose, but she seems to prefer the Minimed in part because she says it has the best software and she can get more or better information from it.  My question: should I really care about this?  My current thinking is that any data is better than I have now (injection therapy with a manual logbook that is only as good as what I remember to write down), so I am not seeing that the benefit of better software outweighs the tubing (which is a big deal to me).  But, not having pumped before, I may not really appreciate the issue.  Any advice is welcomed. 

If you want to connect to a CGM then Minimed is the way to go.  If you have an iPhone, there are better log book options like the Glooko cable that downloads results from your meter to phone.

If you haven't already done so, request a free sample of OmniPod from their website.  I didn't like it... too big and the adhesive bothered my skin. I barely notice my Minimed, despite the tubing.  

I went from minimed to the omnipod and had lots of problems with the pda so after a year I went back to minimed.