I have been a pump-wearer for over 10 years. Most of that time I used Minimed pumps. About 6 months ago I tried the Omnipod, but didn’t like it. It was awesome to have no annoying tubing, but I kept bumping it! Once I had it on my lower back and my daughter pushed me from behind and knocked it a bit. The pain was excruciating!I could not relax in my car afterward because it was too painful to touch the seat. I know that happens with the Minimed sometimes too, but the Omnipod is so much bigger! The site would get infected and very sore so I would have to change it. I believe Minimed is working on some sort of tubeless pump as well. That’s what I was told when I switched back! Thank goodness my insurance covered both pumps! My only concern with my Revel pump is that the tubing or the reservoir sometimes are faulty and don’t work. That is so frustrating when it is late at night and I dont want to try multiple times to get the insulin to prime.

I had the same problem with the OmniPod. I am an EXTREMELY clumsy person. No exaggeration, on a daily basis I probably walk into at least three walls and two doors. Ouch lol Plus I had a lot of problems with it malfunctioning. It would just start beeping for now apparent reason and demand to be disconnected. One time I was in a public place and had to take it off and throw it in the trash (luckily I had Humalog and a bunch of needles). Some stranger saw me throw it in and heard it beeping like crazy. The look on his face was priceless. I'll be curious to see what Minimed does in that arena.

I had one beep uncontrollably one night and my husband took it down to the garage and completely silenced it with a hammer!

Hahahah! Classic.

I have been a type 1 diabetic since 1977 and just went on the OmniPod in April of this year. I LOVE it and my A1c dropped from a horrendous 10.8 on injections of Lantus and Humalog to 6.1 in 3 months on the pump.

One of their very helpful representatives told me how to stop the beeping, you simply straighten a paper clip and insert it into the tiny pin hole right above the white circle. Practice finding the hole on a used pod and the next time you will be able to instantly turn it off - then just leave the paper clip inserted as a means of breaking the connection. I keep a paper clip in my PDM case just in case but have actually only had to use this technique once. Your other option is to use a butter knife and break the seal on the pod to remove the batteries but the paper clip is much, much easier!

He also told me to keep the pod in the plastic 'case' that it comes in when filling to eliminate errors that occur before you even position it on your body! I had that happen twice and they sent the replacement pods directly to me even though I still had enough to last a couple of weeks yet. Have always been very, very helpful when I call asking questions since I am still pretty 'new' at pumping :]